A game originated in Southern California; When someone says or does something stupid you clench your hand in to a "black power" type fist and give them a hit on the top of their head to acknowledge their stupidity
"Hey John, How come they are called the Los Angeles Lakers?"
by Conan O Brian November 02, 2009
A Nation located in central europe bordered by france and russia, is also an economic and military powerhouse, producing some of the worlds biggest medical advancements and best military technology, they are a well respected country, and a very proud people, often guilted by people on none german decent for rule of the nazi party in the 30's and 40's they have a very talented national football team, and have produced some of the most important inventors to the modern age, for example, karl benz the inventor of the gasoline engine and founder of mercedes benz high end luxury vehicles, The German language does sound particularly angry, Germany is by far one of the most succesfull nations in the world bringing themselves out of numerous depressions and restoring national pride
some examples of germanys advancements
the leopard 2 tank, the heckler and koch mp5 the worlds most popular smg, and played a hand in the development of the eurofighter typhoon
an opportunity for anyone who is fond or neutral of Germany to say 'LYK OMG, TEH GEMANS ARN'T NAZI'S, THAT WAS LIKE YEARS AGO, NOW THEY RECYCLE AND SHIT!!!!' and rag on the french instead, don't get me wrong, the germans are okay (with the exception of that asshole from scooter)
"Person 2: Shut the hell up, FOOL! Germans were FORCED to be Nazis, and will NEVER be Nazis again! They also aren't naturally angry, THAT'S THE FRENCH!"
Btw Fetus Bomber, they wern't forced to be Nazi's, Germany was at that time a democracy, so the Nazi party was voted (by a wide margin) into power
by Jesus, what name can I use? August 09, 2008
a name used to describe a rival drug racket,dealer or runner. the name german is used as they are viewed by some as cowardly and the enemy.
the germans are doing big things right now.
by ggg92 April 11, 2009
The act of participating in water sports. Used on the Craigslist community by escorts.
I had a GFE last night who was a fluent German tutor.
by ArcGabriel January 12, 2008
1.someone who is born or is from Germany
2. Most germans have blonde hair (so do I)
im german and im from germany and they are not nazi's!
jeez people that call germans are so racist.
by Summer123 June 22, 2007
stupid, fuck, retard.
German on you.
German, my teacher got me in trouble.
by manzanita November 18, 2010

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