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a name used to describe a rival drug racket,dealer or runner. the name german is used as they are viewed by some as cowardly and the enemy.
the germans are doing big things right now.
by ggg92 April 11, 2009
8 39
The act of participating in water sports. Used on the Craigslist community by escorts.
I had a GFE last night who was a fluent German tutor.
by ArcGabriel January 12, 2008
9 44
1.someone who is born or is from Germany
2. Most germans have blonde hair (so do I)
im german and im from germany and they are not nazi's!
jeez people that call germans are so racist.
by Summer123 June 22, 2007
29 66
stupid, fuck, retard.
German on you.
German, my teacher got me in trouble.
by manzanita November 18, 2010
10 48
It means old or obvious news. In reference to Animal House where Belushi says "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" Originated on Volquest.com.

"Did you hear that Brad Pitt is in a new movie?" - Girl 1

"Duh, Germans" - Girl 2
by Carscrash December 02, 2008
21 60
Someone of Puerto Rican decent, used mainly in New York City
There are mad Germans up in my local bodega.
by Husani March 08, 2008
23 67
although they had past problems with America...you kinda have to give them credit..cause 90 percent of the world wouldnt fight agaisnt america...and if u woul..u could fight agaisnt anyone, so now that we're allies germans and Ameircans are probably the best fighters..even though America and Great Britain are the most powerful allies in the world.
my grandfather was stationed in Germany when Adolf shot himself.
by Vic September 20, 2003
45 91