derogatory term used for Puerto Ricans; usually heard in parts of the East Coast.
Fuck that german.
by DripDrop5555 April 09, 2011
Beer guzzling car maker, but ugly, hairy, and stink like cabbage. They, along with the Brits voted as the ugliest tourist in the world. Often spot in the Bar got drunk
Person 1: Who's that drunk ugly hairy mofo over there?
Person 2:That must be the Germans
by evilmode April 26, 2012
Used as an insult similiar to jew. Can be used in different ways to describe a situation or complain/describe something.
Used Quite Alot In Gaming.

NOTE - This Isnt Being Racist Or Effensive To Germans & Can Be Used As A Subsitute To Retard.
1. OMG You German
2. Why Is Everyone Being A German
3. This Knife Is So German
by JellyBootsXP June 19, 2011
A word Justin Bieber does not know
True or false: 'Bieber' is German for basketball
by Azzman11 May 05, 2010
1. A man named German (pronounced Herman) is a sweet warm alnd loving man. He cares deeply about people and the well being of his family and friends. He works hard at everything he does.

2. He is very carismatic and will alwas grab the attention of a room. He loves to dance and to laugh. He is everyones friend.
3. He is always on!

4. Great kisser!
Wow, German is really on fire tonight. Look at him move!
by sassy6 February 03, 2010
A game originated in Southern California; When someone says or does something stupid you clench your hand in to a "black power" type fist and give them a hit on the top of their head to acknowledge their stupidity
"Hey John, How come they are called the Los Angeles Lakers?"
by Conan O Brian November 02, 2009
A Nation located in central europe bordered by france and russia, is also an economic and military powerhouse, producing some of the worlds biggest medical advancements and best military technology, they are a well respected country, and a very proud people, often guilted by people on none german decent for rule of the nazi party in the 30's and 40's they have a very talented national football team, and have produced some of the most important inventors to the modern age, for example, karl benz the inventor of the gasoline engine and founder of mercedes benz high end luxury vehicles, The German language does sound particularly angry, Germany is by far one of the most succesfull nations in the world bringing themselves out of numerous depressions and restoring national pride
some examples of germanys advancements
the leopard 2 tank, the heckler and koch mp5 the worlds most popular smg, and played a hand in the development of the eurofighter typhoon

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