people from germany who enjoy lather parties.
they very much hate Tokyo Hotel.
"If you meet any, do not tell germans you like Tokyo Hotel"
by The Jesses September 07, 2008
A person that is from germany. They are not nazis, are legal to drink at age 16, the best product of germany is beer. They do NOT run around in Lederhosen, nor do they only eat Sauerkraut.

German women are usually very attractive, but only up to a certain age.

German men are pretty attractive too, but do not have the greatest personalities.

Germans have one of the highest alcohol tolerances in the world, and love to party it up.
Also: germans have a funny accent when they speak english at first.
Girl 1: I tried talking to this hot german dude yesterday..
Girl 2: And?
Girl 1: He cockblocked himself with that accent. I started laughing hysterically.

Guy1: Shiz, man. Did you see what that german drank yesterday?
Guy2: No, why?
Guy1: He just absorbed anything alcoholic close to him!
Guy2: Thats the germans!
by TinaNirvana January 07, 2011
German is the language of the german people!
If you think, Germans are bad, say:

Fick deine Mutter!
Fuck your Mother!

If you like them:

Hey, was geht ab mein Freund?
Hey, whats up my friend?

or if you like German Cars:

Deutsche Autos sind sau gut!
German cars are fucking good!
by Flow-Ryan September 30, 2006
Germans are really nice people from a small country in the middle of europe. They aren't nazis. Because of their nazi-past ( in german it's possible to combine every word you want ) they are bashful.
We (the germans) aren't fat or hairy. It's a stupid prejudice.
Look at facebook. We're hot ;)
We are allowed to drink beer and wine when we are 16 years old and vodka, rum, whisky and the hard alcohol with 18 years. Are you jealous?
And nearly everyone loves soccer and loves to support his favorite team (Schalke 04!!).
And Sauerkraut is disgusting. We eat more potatoes than Kraut. (at least the people i know.)
The bavarians are special. Someones say that they don't belong to germany and much more to austria. And the bavarians has their own beer. White Beer ( weizen bier).
So if you think about Germany, don't combine it with bavarians. It's only a small part of it. And by the way, Leather trousers look weird. However a Dirndl ( a bavarian dress for women) is fu***** hot ( if you wear the modern ones)
Last but not least:
german beer is the best. Why do you deform our great beverage ?? Your beer tastes like pee mixed with water. AND WTF IS LIGHT BEER??? Are you kidding??
Germany -> Deutschland
Beer -> Bier
Soccer -> Fußball
Dog -> Hund
Bavaria -> Bayern
best soccer team in the whole world -> Schalke 04
by Schalke04 February 13, 2011
A person who is from or is descended from Germany. They are known to be stubborn and can become fiery and angry at times. However, most Germans are nice people, and are proud of their heritage.
by Arjan912 June 28, 2009
adj. Cool in a way that doesn't need your approval. It will wear velour track suits no matter what you say.
This techno beat is so german.
by complicated shoes May 20, 2009
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