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When someone hits you on the top of your head with their fist for saying something stupid.
John: Can we eat chicken?

Jasin: no shit. Dude! That's a German (hits John on his head)

John ouch!!:
by Nikki aka thug Barbie June 16, 2008
People with VERY HUGE cojones.
"Oh, Germans! Let´s go down to our knees and maybe they´ll spare our worthless lives!" - "Nope. We won´t"
by RUUUUUUUDI! July 24, 2003
1. The act of shitting on someone during sexual intercourse
2. A language spoken by Germans and other Germanic countries.
3. Someone from Germany
4. A German woman is likely to be hairier than women from other countries.
5. Someone often refered to as a Nazi because of their countries troubled history.
6. Someone who is very opinionated.
7. Makers of cars, firearms, and beer.
8. A sauerkraut
British person in Germany, says to partner: "Is that a man or a woman."
Partner replies: "We're in Germany - its probably a woman!"
by Lewis T January 03, 2007
are one of the best warriorrs&lovers we will fight to the death cause we protect are believes also we have the biggest cocks and we are not nazi's and also hitler was hungarian so dont be mad at germans he started it and really think about it if some other race thought that your people are gods wouldn't you follow that person.
germans are great warriors

germans have are not nazi
by germanwarrior October 23, 2007
Virgin. A person that has not had sex.
Dude are you a german? No man I always have tap that hoe.
by Siron January 10, 2008
Basically what I got from everyone else's description is:

Germans are strong, angry, Nazis with large penises that used to beat up France as a hobby.
Don't go near that angry guy in the Nazi uniform, he will strike you down with his large genetalia. He is German.
by Researcher September 15, 2005
1. A member of the Germanic people who probably originated in Jutland and the southwest shores of the baltic sea.

2. (in movies) An aggressive and bloodthirsty being, clad in an easily recognizable gray or black uniform. Germans destroy all life in front of them and take particular delight in the deaths of bolsheviks, jews and frenchmen. The life cycle of Germans is split into two distinct phases: In the first phase, Germans will spread aggressively in all directions with considerable speed. During this phase German language consists primarily of short words and phrases like "los!", "hände hoch!" and "achtung!" (preferably shouted). In the second phase (usually after exposure to some Allied hero or partizan) they die in thousands, and their once powerful-sounding language degenerates into unintelligible screams of surprise and pain.
1. Hans is a German, and thus a member of the Germanic people

by Tmina January 30, 2006