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The pubic hairstyle where there is no hair left, worn by more women than men. This result cannot only be achieved by waxing, but also by shaving, plucking and depilating or by permanent techniques that involve either chemicals or high-energy light (“lasers”). It appeared throughout history and cultures for aesthetic and hygienic reasons, but is probably most popular today.

It is often confused with the Brazilian wax, but The Brazilian may leave a tiny strip of hair, known as landing strip, mohawk, pinstripe or pencil cut. The Hollywood wax or just The Hollywood, however, is the same as the German wax. Other colloquial synonyms include Full Monty (because everything is gone), Kojak or Yul Brynner (bald actors), Bald Eagle, White Tiger and Sphinx.
In Hollywood, there are Brazilians getting German waxes.
by xov January 30, 2014
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