When a girl gets up under you, lifts up your balls, and licks your gooch like a gerbil does licking his/her water.
"We'll give you 20 bucks if you gerbil Jon"
by Jonnie Blaze October 06, 2011
A rediculously small penis-referencing the size of an actual gerbil.
My ex was hung like a gerbil.
by Kristen Nikole May 24, 2005
verb. to shove a gerbil up an unsuspecting fellows ass, typically done in a punitive manner for having sexually violated another man who was not homosexual.
They gerbiled Bert last night while he was sleeping soundly and then let a few gerbils loose in his apartment so that he would think it just crawled up there.
by nick May 01, 2005
A small furry animal belonging to the order Rodentia. Biggest rival is the hamster, also to the order Rodentia. The Gerbil is often most found in Hookah Lounges, and it's basic diet is vape smoke. You can also find the Gerbil under beds or other objects sleeping and or watching porn.
"Why is it so smokey in here?"

"Oh, my Gerbil just got a new mod"
by Abcdefg1234 October 02, 2015
A small furry animal that is used as a buttplug by richard gere.
The cops got him for a richard gere offense, his back door was not rodent proof. meaning the man had a gerbil in his anus constituting animal abuse.
by niggardly jew January 01, 2009
Animal used for Feltching
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
The act of drinking out of an upside down plastic alcoholic handle after the neck has been bent, in order to mimic a gerbil.
"Yo Cory, you wanna gerbil later?"
"Dude.. I already got the big Smirnoff. Let's gooo!"
by Missss Tasty May 23, 2016
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