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When a girl gets up under you, lifts up your balls, and licks your gooch like a gerbil does licking his/her water.
"We'll give you 20 bucks if you gerbil Jon"
by Jonnie Blaze October 06, 2011
7 4
verb. to shove a gerbil up an unsuspecting fellows ass, typically done in a punitive manner for having sexually violated another man who was not homosexual.
They gerbiled Bert last night while he was sleeping soundly and then let a few gerbils loose in his apartment so that he would think it just crawled up there.
by nick May 01, 2005
92 90
A rediculously small penis-referencing the size of an actual gerbil.
My ex was hung like a gerbil.
by Kristen Nikole May 24, 2005
39 39
A small furry animal that is used as a buttplug by richard gere.
The cops got him for a richard gere offense, his back door was not rodent proof. meaning the man had a gerbil in his anus constituting animal abuse.
by niggardly jew January 01, 2009
10 38
Animal used for Feltching
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
30 65