A younger woman who likes older men. Opposite of Cougar.
She only goes after 30 year old men. She is such a gerbil.
by Beretta April 11, 2009
A very young girl, usually 12 or younger. The opposite of a Cougar. Made famous by the 4/11/09 episode of SNL.
Geoff: Dude, those gerbils over there are totally checking you out!

Greg: Gross dude. Why are they letting gerbils in bars now?
by Grampa Farts Pants April 12, 2009
the opposite of a cougar. A young woman, usually under twenty, who dates older men because she feels that she needs to be taken care of, or for some alternative reason such as money or to feel important. Without an older man, a gerbil feels small, vulnerable and weak.
That girl is such a gerbil! He is five years older than she is.
by cutechef101 April 13, 2009
the opposite of cougar.
Watch out for those girls, they're gerbils. Gerbils? The opposite of cougars.
by ganjmasteralpha May 05, 2009
A scrawny girl with a very spastic personality. Usually with the rodent like habits of scurrying away from objects/people, stealing and hiding food from others so she can eat it later, and biting others upon being irritated.
Some common physically characteristics include: Small body, short height, hair coloring similar to that of the rodent, fast metabolism, sharper than average teeth and nails.
Prone to excessive biting.
Gets upset when name is misspelled.
"See that girl? Yea, she's such a Gerbil. No, no, seriously! She f*cking bit me yesterday!"
by Minxii January 12, 2009
The opposite of a cougar. First defined on SNL.
Woman(24 years old) to Man(45 year old): "Wanna go to my place?"

Man to Woman: " Gerbil?" :)
by Stingray547 June 07, 2009
The opposite of a Cougar, usually extremly underage in the situation, but extremly hot.
Two guys in a bar, a really young underage girl walks in.

Guy 1: Dude, check her out!!
Guy 2: Woah, she is... really young...
Guy 1: No duh, she is a major gerbil!!
by Oakieman May 24, 2009
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