The opposite of a cougar. First defined on SNL.
Woman(24 years old) to Man(45 year old): "Wanna go to my place?"

Man to Woman: " Gerbil?" :)
by Stingray547 June 07, 2009
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A small furry animal belonging to the order Rodentia which have no agend whatsoever. one minute its sleepin. the next its humpin a water bottle.
My gerbil is crazy. It's humps everything!
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 27, 2005
The opposite of a cougar. A young girl seeking an older man.
I swung by to pick up my kid at middle school today, when this smokin' gerbil gave me her number!
by jmhunter April 12, 2009
Most amazing cutest animal of them all which must not be used in the art of bum fucking
oh that gerbils so cute
by Charli April 21, 2004
n. Term originating from Saturday Night Live meaning the opposite of a cougar; a younger girl who likes older men the way an older woman (cougar) likes younger men
Bartender: Here you go, two shots of tequila.
Andy: We didn't order these.
Bartender: They're from the two ladies over there.
(Points to two 10 year old girls)
Andy: Dude, nice! Thank you, ladies.
Bartender: Watchout, they're gerbils.
Andy: Gerbils?
Bartender: Yeah, The opposite of cougars.
by imissedwoodstocktwice April 14, 2009
Gerbil, small, intelligent, superior mammal species.
How dare you all show contempt for this sacred creature!! Gerbils are not to be 'used' for 'homosexual pleasures'. They are sovereign, sacred animals. Gerbils have much to teach us, which is why some have volunterred to be pets for humans, even tho humans are mostly mentally and emotionally retarded with minimal awareness and intelligence.
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
Small Seizurey Mammal who watches sexual acts of unspeakable horror
That gerbil was all seizurey, & uh stuff
by Gerbtaro April 25, 2003
Our name for the Eurasian species of this mammal, which is noted for defending its burrow like a knight of old, may come from the gerbil knightly emblem. The creature's white head with a broad black stripe on each side of the snout may have brought to mind a gerb, hence gerbil. Good evidence supporting this theory is that an earlier name for the animal was gauson, which comes from the Old French word gaucenc, usually referring to a white patch on a horse and also meaning “gerbil.” gauson is first recorded in 1373.
Nice Gerbil Helmut sir
by justin April 02, 2004

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