the opposite of cougar.
Watch out for those girls, they're gerbils. Gerbils? The opposite of cougars.
by ganjmasteralpha May 05, 2009
The opposite of a cougar. So a younger girl who is into older guys.
"Wow, that guy is HOT!!" - 18 year old girl.
"What?! That guy is like 50!!" - 18 year old girl's friend.
"I know I love older guys. I'm a total gerbil" - 18 year old girl.
by MissGeorge June 11, 2009
The opposite of cougar.
This was made up by SNL.
"Watch out guys, they're Gerbils."
"What's a gerbil?"
"The opposite of a cougar."
by SnL13 April 11, 2009
An underage girl who flirts or actively hunts for older partners for either meaningless sexual relationships or meaningful relationships. The opposite of Cougar.
Don't even look at her, she is a Gerbil and dating her would be illegal.
by alexiam April 11, 2009
the opposite of cougars. when a younger girl likes an older guy.
"hey look at that chick over there. shes totally checking you out."
"she must be like 15! she is such a gerbil."
by colobumo August 26, 2009
1. n. A small rodent that has been domesticated and is now widely found in the classrooms of elementary school-aged children.

2. n. A young girl who likes older men. These girls will woo the men with their large eyes and pouty faces. Opposite of a cougar. The man dating this girl could be known as a dingo.
1. Jenna's 2nd grade class just got a gerbil name Mr. Snuggles.
2. DAYUM. That gurl be a gerbil all the way holmes!
by ISABEAST April 13, 2009
The opposite of Cougar, i.e. a young woman who hits on older men.
The two girls over there? They're gerbils. They hit on men like Cougars, but instead they are much younger by comparison.
by matthiascz April 11, 2009
The opposite of a cougar.
Watch out they're Gerbils.
by speed123400 April 12, 2009

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