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Any sexual activity leading into the result of "Gerber Sauce".
Girl 2: What the hell were you doing last night?
Girl 2: My man was giving me some Gerber....damn it was good.
by A.O.S. August 26, 2007
21 25
Gerber is a term used to describe someone who cant hold their liquor/alcohol. Coined from the name of the baby food company of the same name.

the name comes from the appearance of looking like a toddler due to the about of drool you are producing on your face
hey look at charlie! what a Gerber, he can barely walk and i think he shat himself.
by Roosta47 February 15, 2011
2 9
(adj.) a word used to describe someone who looks or acts like a baby, or is just completely retarded
Shawn C is looking pretty gerber today.
by Shorty1296 July 13, 2011
0 8
An incidental erection caused by looking at a young teenage girl.
Miley Cyrus' latest video gave me a gerber.
by kilzhot September 22, 2009
3 11
A girl who is both very hot and clearly underage. Derived from the definition of burger as being a fine piece a ass; a gerber is a young burger.
Kevan: What were you up to?
Jim: I was at the high school for my little sister's soccer game. That place was crawlin with gerbers.
by DuezersAnonymous January 02, 2007
17 25
A potent strain of Cannabis, in which the intoxicating effects resemble those of a young child/infant.
"Yo man, that shit was CRAZZYYY"
"Hell yeah, you got da gerber"
by eitjo4i5y69823453 December 05, 2007
7 17
To act like a baby or infant
To be a Gerber Baby; have traits similar to that of a baby
To appear or act younger than one's age
To have thin hair like a baby
To be chubby like a baby
To ingest food normally used as sustenance for newborns
To have invested in Gerber Insurance
"Sean, you are such a Gerber Baby!" (Sean is obviously behaving in a gerbish fashion)
"Hey, Gerbs!" (a Gerber Baby's presence is made obvious)
"Yo, Gerbmosis the third!"
(someone obviously has an unhealthy knowledge of Ancient Egyptian monarchs as well as a slow wit)
by Lakeport December 04, 2006
10 23