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When your at a party filled with lots of Booze, get some friend name george, whos sexuality you have questioned on more than occassion convince him to find a way to prove to you that he is not gay. Once he does this allow him to exclaim that if he is so gay shove it in his ass, while droppin his pants from there shove the long neck of a beer in his ass and make him walk around with it still in there for the remainder of the evening.
Seth: Dude we were at this party last night and this guy tried to tell us he wasn't gay.

Jared: Well what happened? Like what did he do?

Seth: Well, we tried to just tell him to be quite but he pulled down his pants and said is this gay huh is this gay. So we pulled the "Georgie Porgie Pudding Pie" on him.
by Bottle Rocket July 31, 2009

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