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1. Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes' African American cross-dressing alter ego. Georgie Fruit's in his late forties, a black man who has been through multiple sex changes. He's been a man and a woman, and then back to a man. He's been to prison a couple of times. In the '70s he was in a band called Arousal, a funk rock band sort of like the Ohio Players. Then he went through a few different phases.

2. Anyone who, like Georgie Fruit, says that romantic love is flat, something only for people with no real ambition in their life.
Georgie: I'm just a black she-male, and I don't know what you people are all about.

Charlie's such a Georgie Fruit. S/he doesn't believe in love but s/he can't keep her/his legs closed..
by coniecone November 04, 2010
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