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A former crack den, Georgiana Bruce Kirby is Santa Cruz's most prominent importer and exporter of manure. They play a vital role in the Californian town's economy, and are beloved throughout the city, which, in turn, has bestowed a charming epithet applicable to anyone who frequents GBK: In reference to their line of work, anybody from Georgiana Bruce Kirby is a "shit head".
At Georgiana Bruce Kirby, we have all the shit you'll ever need. We have so much, it's coming out of our mouths!
by c.b.fry September 07, 2009
The school for all the smart and cool people to go to in Santa Cruz, alot better than PCS! Great students such as Bea go there!
Kirby is going to kick your fucking ass PCS!
by Bea February 15, 2005
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