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A beautiful, nice, happy amazing person.. she is tall, blond haired very intelligent pretty person.. she is sooo sexy she gets all the boys. Amazing eyes... the best person to have as a friend... and many angels from heaven will love her.... everyone loves georgia... shes perfect <3
Do you see that georgia shes beautiful <3 Im jelly of her
by blub,blub March 21, 2012
DAYM She mighty fine! She is my bestfriend and amazing! If you have a friend called georgia never have fights with her because she is the most amazing person youll ever meet. She is good with guys but a little bit of a flirt ;) They usually go well with a Ryan Or Cameron. :)
Georgia is a mighty fine mofo ;)
by Bestfriend<3123 September 15, 2011
The most amazing hot girl on the planet who smells like love and captain crunch :D
Boy:Awwww man is that girl hot she must be a Georgia
by Loverbot11500 August 16, 2011
Georgia. Where summer starts in April, we don't have fireflies; we have lightning bugs. Macaroni & cheese is a vegetable, pecan pie is a staple, y'all is a proper pronoun, chicken is fried, & biscuits come with gravy. Sweet tea is the house wine, everyone is darling & someone is always getting their heart blessed.
My boyfriend and I bought a nice house in middle Georgia.
by ItsBatchick May 19, 2011
A beautiful country in Europe next to black sea, full of entertainment, hottest chicks and great food. Mixture of Ibiza, Italy and new Zeland. A have to go country.
Dud, look at this picture of very hot girls in the sea...

Yeaa, that probably Georgia... I would sell my soul to get there!
by George The Georgian December 26, 2010
Georgia is a US state and a country in Europe. I doubt any of you came on here to get a definition of the country. Anyways Georgia the state is a kick ass state ! I love living here. We have alot of culture, tasty food and all. Like most of the southern states, its like warm most of the time. We also donated alot of stuff to the music industry. Especially in the Hip Hop/ R & B genres. Atlanta is the state capital and one of the best places to live in the south.
Where are you from ?
Georgia, baby.
by Alasyia May 25, 2007
Right (All the time!!)
All around awesome

That's Georgia!
by pseudonymous anonymous December 14, 2011