The fumbling idiot that is running the US. Tho he is a million times better than Kerry, he still should've taken some kind of speech class while he was in school.
Jimmy is a fumbling idiot. He can never open his mouth without stuttering a few hundred times. What a retard.
by Mr. Drummond November 07, 2004
As a Democrat who voted for him twice I would vote for him again. He's far less evil than Clinton and he is less retarded than Gore(see Forrest Gump ) or Kerry (see fairy ) and slightly less evil and less retarded than your average Democrat.
If the Democrats put forth yet another fucktard then I would rather see Bush get a fuckin third term or something because the Democrats just need to be reigned the fuck in.THEY ARE BONKERS!!!!!!!!!!!
george w. bush ain't no worse than any democrat walking the streets or any of the ones running the democratic party
if the democrats do it again and put a retard up as their candidate then can't we amend the constitution or something to allow Bush to run for a third term or something? Even he'd be far better than any democrat
by democrats are shit September 17, 2006
All the liberal tards out there hate em. Went to war and liberated Iraq from Saddam's tyrannical rule over his nation. Germany, France, U.N. says it was wrong for the U.S. to liberate Iraq...Even though they saw saddam as a threat and suspected him of having weapons of mass destruction. All the liberals forgot about that part, and blamed Bush of being a killer. If Al Gore was elected all he'do would slap the terrorist's wrists and say be nice.
Liberal Guy: I hate G.W!

Non Liberal Guy: Why?

Liberal Guy: I dont know I jsut do!
by dirk martinez August 25, 2005
dumbass president who screwed up america...however considering john kerry might not be much better, id go with him just cuz his acts of stupidity takes my mind off all the trouble he's caused.
err...those terror...*looks at hand* rists are bar..baric and uh...threaten freedom with their uh...*idiotic smile* evil..ness
by stickofbutter June 23, 2004
1. Most popular person for unmotivated Americans who don't understand politics to blame their problems on.
2. Waived being politcally correct by commiting the horrible act of liberating millions of Iraqi's from a malicious dictator and actually doing something to avenge the 9/11 attacks.
3. Hated for doing all that is in his power to protect the American people
4. Only reason people don't talk about what an ass Bill Clinton was. Good choice democratic party, nominate the horny co-worker.
5. A little on the dumb side.
Jermaine- "George W. Bush's Patriot act is infringing on my rights."
Bill- "Really, have you read the Patriot Act?"
Jermaine- "No..."
Bill- "Can you even read?"
by Joey "M.F." D. December 21, 2005
Since Bush, Sr., every U.S. President has vowed to get rid of Saddam. Why, then did it take us so long to actually get the task accomplished? Well the answer actually lies in several factors. First of all Saddam continued to make threats which were never taken seriously until after 9/11. Until then it was belived that Saddam was a threat, but because there had never really been any devastating occurences Saddam was not at the top of the priority list of any president other than Bush, Jr.. Once 9/11 happened, however, every threat that was recieved was immediately taken seriously, including those that were made by Saddam. Therefore if any other president had been in office when 9/11 happened then it would have been he who eventually took out Saddam, not Bush, Jr.
despite a deteriorating budget circumstance, the president and congressional republicans have actively worked this year t make things worse and further widen future deficts. The centerpiece of this year's deficit was the president's proposal for a new round of tax cuts that, like the 2001 tax cuts, provided some relief for middle class families but targeted the bulk of the benifits to the wealthiest taxpayers.
by Scarry Pothead December 27, 2004
The best president the United States has ever seen. You can put down Bush all you like, but he's a good guy with a good heart and doesn't care what anyone says about him. Why do you all hate him? You claim he's stupid but why don't you give me a political reason or two? ONE THAT WASN'T MADE UP BY LIBERAL MORONS WHO TRY TO MAKE HIM LOOK BAD. GEORGE BUSH IS THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!! EIGHT YEARS!!!!!! HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
George W. Bush is the shit.
by go0fyg0oberyay July 06, 2006

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