George W Bush - (jawge.dubya.bush)- p.n.

1. 43rd American President. Republican with somewhat unorthodox tax and spend and education ideas. Currently holds presidential record for 'most towelheads pwned in 24 hours'. Loved by stupid gay-bashing gun-toting bible-loving rednecks. Hated by faggy bleeding-heart elitist priviliged liberal asshole hippies.
Whatever you think about George W Bush, he was better than Kerry and Gore.
by Ed Zimmer November 17, 2007
OK, let's get a few things straight for you stupid, ignorant, uneducated, self-rightous, vulgar, tart, liberal, biased morons at urban dictionary who have nothing to do but criticize and demonize anybody who has different political views than your own:

1. Wheather you agree with the electoral college or not, he FAIRLY won the 2000 election by winning a majority of Florida's electoral votes needed to secure the election. He won the election FAIR AND SQUARE and did not "steal" it like the sorry-ass, liberal meatheads in the stupid media claim. Rather, it was AL GORE who tried to steal it by suing his way to the White House. It was AL GORE and his cronies that sued in the Supreme Court. It was AL GORE and his cronies who stopped the recount in Florida. And it was AL GORE and his cronies who lost their case in the Supreme Court, giving Bush the election. Period. It's a fact wheather you liberal idiots believe it or not. Period.

2. He was only President for 8 months when 9-1-1 occurred and has next to ZERO blame for 9-1-1. Try blaming his predeccesor, Bill Clinton, who was President for 8 years and had plenty of time to stop Al Quaida from attacking us. It was CLINTON and the Justice Department who did not accept the capture of Bin Laden and alllowed him to be released in 1997.

3. George W. Bush allowed our troops to invade Iraq only AFTER the CONGRESS approved of an invasion,including many key Democrat Congressmen like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, HILLARY CLINTON and John Edwards. This makes him anything but a war-monger.

4. Thanks to his leadership, more people in Al Quaida have been knocked off under his leadership than during any other President.

5. He has, believe it or not, saved the economy from a recession with lower taxes. Yes, he spends a lot but taxes have gone DOWN under his Presidential tenure.

George W. Bush is unfairly the target for stupid liberals, socialists, the media and any anitAmerican (all of the above) becuase of his Christian faith and speech impetements.
by krock1dk November 01, 2007
Just a normal person like you and me who's trying to set things straight in Iraq without bringing the war over here. Yet everyone hates him.
George W. Bush is a person
by dsafas July 17, 2006
Someone, who you would get the felling everyone hates if you read stuff on the internet or listen to the media, but actually is perferred by 50%+ votes.
George W. Bush is okay to most people.
by Alexforthefuture February 14, 2006
okay listen. i don't know anything about politics, and i don't watch the news. maybe he is a total idiot, i wouldn't know, but he's a person too. if he was really that aweful of a president, don't you think he would of been kicked out of office by now? he wouldn't be in charge if he wasn't meant to be. really, everyone needs to lay off the poor guy, he does his best i assume. if the country hates him that much, maybe they shouldn't have voted for him. everyone who complains, it's partly your fault for voting him into office, twice. so don't complain to everyone else how much you hate him, get over it, there's nothing you can do about it. he's the president. he can't be that dumb if he got voted in in the first place. geez.
person-"omfgzz i like, totally hate the government and like george w. bush. he is like, so totally gay. we should like anarchy!!!1!1!1!!!!"
logical person-"shut up."
by j.liz July 29, 2006
One of the few presidents in recent history to stand up and do what's right in the face of overwhelming liberal stupidity. A president to be revered for his courage in doing what's right even if it's not popular and not giving in to public liberal insanity to guide his policies. One of few presidents I can remember who actually worried about doing what he felt was right as opposed to what would get him re-elected or help his popularity. If the left wing is this upset then he must be doing something right.
George W. Bush stood up to the insane left wing ideology and forged ahead to do what's right.
by Marc Matthews November 07, 2005

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