The Anti-Clinton
Liberals worst nightmare
Kerry will be George W. Bush-whacked in the Election
by L.D. Mogler March 26, 2004
The greatest president the nation has ever had since Abraham Lincoln. During his 2-term administration, he instilled faith-based initiatives, tax cuts and job growth to boost the economy, energy and transportation bills, social security reform recommendations, and other good things for the nation. He also launched the War on Terrorism and the War in Iraq, and signed the Patriot Act and created the Homeland Security Dept. in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and growing threats from international terrorist organizations and threatening nations. Also pledged aid to Africa to fight AIDS as well as billions of dollars to help rebuild New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The first president in ages to have the balls to stand up to the liberals, communists, dictators, terrorists, natural disasters, and failed liberal social programs in a proactive agressive manner.
George W. Bush and the Republicans will protect you shut the hell up.
by acb January 26, 2006
The Greatest president of all time. Single handedly responsible for adding 2 new states to the Union (Iraq and Afghanistan). Who the hell gives a damn about global warming and who the hell gives a damn if some middle east, arabic, muslim pieces of sh*t get bombed to death? I SAY NUKE EM' ALL!
Muslim people smell cuz they wear diapers on their heads. george w. bush had the guts to take that fking diaper off and shove it up their asses!
by Political genius December 01, 2006
Our president. Over half of the people complaining about him didn't even vote, and 1/5 of the people are opposed to everything anybody will ever do. Face it, he has been elected twice and has a lot of congressional support. So instead if complaining, next time get off your lazy asses and vote.
And, for the record, there's not nearly as much protest for Iraq as there was for the Vietnam War.
George W. Bush is our president because people VOTED for him.
by ohmygosh June 08, 2006
George W. Bush is the current president of the USA. He is one of the most controversial presidents in recent history. He and his administration sent the US military to Iraq and overthrew the Saddam Hussein regime for debatable reasons. He was narrowly re-elected in the November election, despite much criticism of his administration's policies.
If you're intuitive enough, you may be able to find a secret messege in this definition.
by Shane Mama February 02, 2005
Completely misdefined by all you liberals. The economy has been getting better since George Bush got into the White House. He went to a war which was needed. It's not for oil. That's what all the liberals want you to think so you won't support our president. The war was to LIBERATE the Iraq citizens from a paranoid dictator who lit firecrackers up people's butts because they might have said "kill" and "Saddam" in the same day. He's a great president who has kept the country's best interests in mind even though american citizens like you don't give a rat's ass about him.
Liberal: George w. Bush is horrible.
Me: NO! You're horrible for believing everything the democrats/liberals say about the president.
by Bologurson October 15, 2006
A name that causes paroxysms of rage in some, for reasons that only a particularly gifted psychoanalyst could comprehend.
When I said "George W. Bush" at the faculty meeting, one of my colleagues began to shriek and scream while another's ears bled.
by My dixie wrecked November 25, 2003
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