1. 43rd president of the United States
2. A creature in the mythology of Modern Liberalism that is source of all pain and woe
by Laika May 23, 2003
The best president we've had since kennedy.'and he doesent sleep around. deal with it. people only hate bush because Green Day is telling them to, and they have no idea what they should hate him for.
Democrat:"dude i hate george w. bush!"
American:"oh yeah? why?"
American:"but why does he suck?"
Democrat"He just does! look at him"
American: "stop listening to green day"
by courtXcore October 28, 2007
President whom makes pussy liberals go to canada. People usually insult him for his speeches because he isn't a good public speaker. Many poeple think he should not have been president. But if Kerry had become president he would have been insulted just as much.
Voter: I'm voting for George W. Bush
Liberal: I'm going to Canada so theres no chance one of us pussy democrats will become president in this election.
Voter: Ok
by Do us a Favor and Shut Up December 20, 2006
Often called a disgrace to the USA, but thats impossible because the USA is a disgrace itself.
<Example of George W Bush goes here>
by Rikco August 31, 2007
1. American president from, currently, 2000-2004. Registered as a Republican, he takes the term and twists it until it is barley recognizable. He supports large government, higher taxes, high spending, etc. This is not conservative behavior, but rather that of a liberal. Often blamed by the media, Democrats, and various others as a "neo-Nazi," "village idiot," or "Texas warmonger," he is not that bad of a president. His term has been, obviously, a difficult one, with the 9/11 attacks and the outcome of those attacks. Many Democrats believe that Bush is solely responsible for the 9/11 faulty intelligence, but that is hogwash. The CIA, FBI, and multiple nations, including France, Spain, and Britain, agreed with this intelligence. Also, presidential candidate John Kerry voted for the same intelligence for reasoning for going into war. Likewise, it is not just Bush's fault. The economy is also not Bush's full fault. Current events in the United States, as well as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, have impacted the economy. Of course, these events were not all caused by President Bush himself, but rather by various others within the system.
2. A political punching bag used by Democrats to make them look better by comparison.
3. Michael Moore's way to make a trillion dollars by doing what has been done so many times before for the last four years.
4. A fake Republican president that is a disgrace to conservatives everywhere.
"George W. Bush is not a Republican, yet he is not a facist like the Democrats have you believe."
by Jerry August 20, 2004
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