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dumbass or
goddam retarded fool who ruins elections
Oh my god, why did you eat my cheeseburger, you goddam George W. Bush
by Christian Vetter April 08, 2005
The eternal dumbass with the IQ of a raisin who is the leader of the hell-hole now called America. Free country my arse. He is censoring porn, tying in religion with government, and goes on vacation more than any other president. He made up the UMD's in Iraq and is gonna get us nuked. It's said that Bin Laden already has plans to nuke us with bombs snuck into the USA.
I hope all you who voted for Bush suffer...
by Chris July 23, 2005
A president who no one in america (such as myself) likes, and somehow there's enough uneducated republicans to elect him, and bring the world for more years of his rule... i shudder at the thoguht.
whoever said that they see more bush/cheney stickers needs to go to a place like the bay area, where about 4 in 5 people voted democratic (no shit, and thats not counting minors, if they could vote there'd be way more democrats, as almost all the republicans here are old) and ther's still Kerry/Edwards stickers
by Brian January 05, 2005
The greatest Hitler impersonator the world has ever seen. With more repression and a bigger budget. And more patriotic followers.
"We're bringing the Wrath of God to Iraq."
by Napoleon Cornett November 12, 2004
A retarded chimp that claims to be from Texas.
Lets go to the zoo and laugh at the George W. Bush.
by Frogbutt November 30, 2004
The worst US president of ALL time. He supposedly was visited by the Arch Angel Gabrielle in a vison where he was told it was his god given mission to spread peace and democracy throughout the Middle East by launching a full-scale invasion of Iraq.Others say it is a mild case of downs syndrome of which he suffers while others yet say he is the antichrist.This man mislead the UN into believing that Iraq had weapons of mass distruction and that Iraq was working with Al-Qaida although it was well known that Iraqs military never recovered from the ass wuppn it got in the first desert storm and that iraq and Al-Qaida have as much to do with each other as Pepsi and Coca-Cola. George W Bush succeeded like no other president before him in destroying the reputation of the USofA and while raping the country for what it was worth he and his cronies where given all the best civilain contracts with which the became rich and enjoy an early retirement today.One would almost think this whole thing was planned from the start.A true Texas simpelton,this man was lucky to leave office when he did,the actions and decisions he made where the foundations of the economic crisis which came soon after he left office and he is the reason why today there ARE terror groups in Iraq. Thanks George,great job!
Reporter asks Mafia boss who his role models where....The Bush cabinet.

Local Mullah in Afghanistan: Why cant i threaten my neighbors with war and violence when they dont share my beliefs? Bush did....why cant i give my cronies the best jobs and the top government positions even if they are completely unqualified? George w Bush did!
by ronnie3091 February 11, 2010
The pleasantly unaware former president of the United States; he is mostly known not for his politics, but for his public speaking skills(or lack there of), discussing many powerful political problems, such as, "I am here to make an announcement that this Thursday, ticket counters and airplanes will fly out of Ronald Reagan Airport," and "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." Other than those amazingly educated speeches, he is known for his amazing use of the English language. Some examples include 'strategery' and 'misunderestimated.'
George W. Bush was a great president wasn't he?

No, not really.
by C-Rad93 February 17, 2009