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A person who fails in life, uses "daddy" to stick up for his problems, a corrupted son of a bitch who should be put to death, and an insane asshole. Was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and thinks the "patriotic" way is killing the innocent citizens of the Middle East. By the way to all the Fucked Up republicans: IF WE ARE DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB WITH COUNTER-TERRORISM, WHERE'S OSAMA BIN LADEN! I mean, we have had 5 years to find him, right? Refers to the United States Constituition as a "Goddamn piece of paper", and believes dictatorship would help him rule better. Has used tax breaks for the EXTREMELY WEALTHY, and has put the country in a multi-trillion dollar debt. Used money to get into an Ivy League school, and hates abortion and evolution because it is against god's will. Should be considered armed & dangerous, and is wanted for violation to American & International Protocols, the corruption of the Constitution, the mass genocide of over 50,000 people in the Middle East, integration of Church & State, and bribery and espionage in both the 2000 & 2004 elections.

PS: Some people say if Bush is hated so much, why is he in the White House right now. Well, it is because of the retarted hicks and assholes in the country who are Religious retards and believe religion is the way and science will make us "evil sinners". Go back to school, fuckups.
Today, George W. Bush said that he would put million dollar tax cuts on sports players and CEO's, go overseas to help out with European Poverty, but we still have millions here in America starving and homeless.
by Cyl February 12, 2006
One of two candidates in a no-win situation in 2004. A polarizing figure that tends to bring out the worst in people. One who has trouble verbalizing.
I have yet to find an unbiased definition for George W. Bush. This is the best I could do.
by trick trickster September 28, 2005
(jack-ass)Noun:for sure the most stupidest thing walking on this earth. A dumb ass pansy who people tell him to state that he went to Yale. However this is obviously not true because as everyone has heard his kindergarden level speeches. And he said that he went to Iraq to "unsaddamize" it. he lives off his daddy's money and the money from the people to go on "vocation to do som unting." The puppet for Dick Cheney when he can't formulate words which is every second of every day. The person who says he is opposed to gay marrage however is on the down low with Tony Blairbut having a affair with Dick Cheney. The bringer of the apocolypse.
1)Dick: hey George... why don't you hummmm.... look around the White House for the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Yeah thats it! The adults have to talk now.
Bush: O.K. prances around and looks under the sofa saying, "Nope no Weapons of Mass Destruction here. Maybe it is in the fridge????"
2)Just a plain DUMBASS WANKER!!
by HaHa January 19, 2005
George W. Bush is the most stupid, disturbed, sinister, monkey-faced, shit-for-brains, daddys boy, nancy, call-up-dodgin, bawbag prick of an oil whore i have ever ha the misfortune to set my eyes upon. Everytime i see him claim he feels sorry for the families of the true americans he has sent to their deaths i want to smash my head into a wall out of sheer frustration. An im only Scottish. Thats why I propose that he is empeached, stripped of office and replaced by the remains of Jimi Hendrix, a true hero, who would probably do a better job.
How can 210 million people be so stupid?
by bobby robertson January 28, 2005
Alcoholic, cokehead, "born-again Christian" warmonger who manages to seem like a regular guy even though he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and was "educated" at both Harvard and Yale; is not, in fact, from Texas, but is from Connecticut, thank you very much; "president" of United States of America
"Hey y'all, look at ol' George W. Bush! He's just a reg'lar guy like me, what cain't pronounce things rightly! Let's go join the army so's we can git 'er done!"
by "Hot" Karl Rove November 07, 2004
1.The smartest man on earth, IF all other life forms have vanished. (maybe not, he still would have rocks to contend with)

2.The reason many non-Americans hate America (get over it people, just because our government screwed up so bad isn't a good reason to automatically condemn 300 milion people)
George W Bush has betrayed the United States of America.
by AmericanPride1776 January 23, 2010
Please refer to cowboy and fascist.
In the last election, George W. Bush sold out the Republicans in the name of fattening Halliburton's pockets in Iraq.
by Piranha January 23, 2007