A man who was once the President of the United States and no longer and probably won't ever again. So bye Georgie! George Bush is most known for his relationship with Afghanastan. Way to go Bush. He was the President during the 9/11 attack.

He is known for his great saying quote "...weapons of mass instuction!!!"
You go George W. Bush!
"Weapons of Mass Instuction!" - George W. Bush himself

Woah George my man, you're legit!

Tyler: Hey George W. Bush! How are you?

George W. Bush: I'm fine, Tyler. I enjoyed my time serving the United States of America when I was President.

Tyler: I'm sure you did. But whatever happened to those weapons of mass instruction?

George W. Bush: Well Tyler, to be honest, I really cannot say because the army felt these weapons were too dangerous and may errupt a World War 3 so... we melted them.

Tyler: Oh my! Oh my!
by Funnygirl=) October 05, 2010
United States president who got totally raped by the situation he was in, then got gang raped by the media.
Option one:

Media: "George W. Bush attacked Afghanistan! What a belligerent asshole"

Option two:

Media: "George W. Bush didn't attack Afghanistan after they destroyed the Towers! What a pussy!"
by sxbvfdsgafra January 02, 2011
(Why do I know I am going to get so many thumbs down for this?) Blamed by many irresponsible people who just like to blame him because others are doing this. Many problems in America like th economy are being blamed on him because people don't have the foggiest idea how the economy is run and expect that somehow the president can use leadership to turn the economy around. Constantly blamed by a generation who watch to much left wing propaganda. This generation is lazy and and blames other people for it's problems. I am completely ashamed to belong to this generation.
The surge in Iraq has produced good results and yet the media has stifled all good word coming from Iraq. Many Iraqis are glad we are here. George W. Bush is not killing innocent people for oil. That is a blank, stupid, dimwitted, blatant, outright lie.
by Avowed Conservative February 05, 2008
The guy for Americans to blame when stuff goes wrong.
Politician 1: Oil prices are high

Politician 2: It's because of that stupid George W. Bush

Guy 1: My girlfriend just broke up with me!

Guy 2: It's because of that stupid George W. Bush!
by A.nonyomous July 17, 2006
So far the best president out of the past 3. Sure he made a few bad decisions like every president but he did take out an evil dictator and cut taxes. He also had to deal with the mess Clinton left behind, which included a scaled back military and a recession.

And as for Iraq... he didn't invade for oil, or else gas prices would be lower. It was because we thought that Saddam had accomplished making WMD's,which he had not... YET!. but anyways we can all agree tat the world is a better place without that nutjob.

For all of you who hate him because of FEMA's response to Katrina. Fuck Off. Bush didn't personally tell FEMA to be slow... it was just stupid government bureaucracy at work. And the private sector donated a lot more than the government.
It pisses me off when liberals blame George W. Bush for everything bad to happen to America during his term. He fucked up a little but who hasn't.
by HeWasBetterThanClinton January 31, 2011
The 43rd president. A Republican Conservative.

A Christian man who unarguably cared for the country and was faced with many difficult decisions. The debate is whether or not those decisions were helpful or hurtful to the country.
One of the most controversial president's in U.S. history.

Despite popular belief, it is too soon to tell whether or not he was a good or bad president.

Many people base his presidency off of the scolding of the media, however, many presidents (such as Truman, the most hated president of all time) are looked back on as some of the greatest leaders.

However, since associated with poor economy and the war in Iraq (a war being held in the wrong place), he could be looked back on as making some of the worst decisions for America in a time of crisis (911, domestic problems).
Democrat: George W. Bush sucks! He is the worst president of all time!!!
Republican: NO!!! George Bush RULES! He is the best president of all time!!
Intellectual: Sorry, but we do not know yet if George Bush made decisions that benefited the country or hurt it.

Intellectual: Ugh...
by InfaredREverse July 05, 2009
One of the smartest men alive. People call him stupid, but how stupid can you be to steal two elections, force the country into an economic depression. He's not stupid, and I hate him for it. Oh yea, and while he was at Yale, he was a CHEERLEADER!
George W. Bush: Hey Dick Chaney. How will we fuck up the world today??
by Hufongpoo January 15, 2009
A president who actually has the balls to make an effort to change the world, get rid of terrorism, rebuild the Gulf Coast, improve the economy, cut taxes, lower unemployment, promote faith-based initiatives, hold educators accountable, cut down on abortions, and sustain the right of the American people to use firearms. Non-voters, communists, liberals, sheep, and people with IQs lower than 100 get satisfaction out of saying things like he looks like a monkey, is stupid, and blame him for high gas prices and acts of nature. Yet the voting public will continue to vote in Republicans because Republicans are ethical, optimistic, belive in freedom, and actually make progress while in office, instead of the Democrats who are famous for being corrupt, initiating military drafts, raising taxes and pouring it into stupid healthcare and welfare programs that don't do shit, getting blow jobs from interns, and launching random cruise missiles.
George W. Bush deserves a 3rd term, so we can continue to spread freedom, a free market economy, and Christianity around the world.
by acb September 18, 2006
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