A man who was once the President of the United States and no longer and probably won't ever again. So bye Georgie! George Bush is most known for his relationship with Afghanastan. Way to go Bush. He was the President during the 9/11 attack.

He is known for his great saying quote "...weapons of mass instuction!!!"
You go George W. Bush!
"Weapons of Mass Instuction!" - George W. Bush himself

Woah George my man, you're legit!

Tyler: Hey George W. Bush! How are you?

George W. Bush: I'm fine, Tyler. I enjoyed my time serving the United States of America when I was President.

Tyler: I'm sure you did. But whatever happened to those weapons of mass instruction?

George W. Bush: Well Tyler, to be honest, I really cannot say because the army felt these weapons were too dangerous and may errupt a World War 3 so... we melted them.

Tyler: Oh my! Oh my!
by Funnygirl=) October 05, 2010
A blowjob device for Dick"Head"Cheney. A
fucking pimple on the ass of America. This
simpleton has made us the laughingstock of
half the world, and the object of hatred in the other half.They took a hemmhorroid
from the asshole of Karl Rove and cloned our esteemed scumbag.The fool who "Bushwhacked"the voters of the USA.
Not even Preparation H can relieve America
of George W. Bush
by Ira Newman August 24, 2005
We should have let Al Gore win, ya know?
Ya know?
by Yaanu February 20, 2004
the only reason gas prices are so high...
Damn dude, gas is like $2.05
by Katelin June 16, 2004
The 43rd President of the United States (2000-2008). Born in New Haven, Conneticut, he considers his home state to be Texas, whereupon he has served as Governor. The second son of a former President (George H.W. Bush -- 41st President) to be re-elected to a second term. One of the most religious Presidents in history.
George W. Bush attended a church service before and after his second Presidential Inaguration, despite allegations to ban the tradition.
by Postman January 25, 2005
Sorry world our bad.
World: WTF America
America: Sorry
World: You elected George W Bush twice
America: Yeah really really sorry.
by sonoferin741 February 08, 2012
War criminal and worst President in the history of the United States. Bush did not win his first run for President, but was handed the Presidency by the Supreme Court (in the worst decision they ever made). Bush started a war based on lies, destroyed the economy, allowed corporations to destroy the environment and exploit the middle class and working poor, attempted to pass viciously homophobic laws, attacked women's rights, and ruined the reputation of the United States. He is hated all over the world. When his reign of terror ended the world celebrated.
George W. Bush used homophobia and fear to convince stupid people to vote for him.
by BluBoi1976 September 10, 2011
Worst pile of shit to ever run America. Well, he didn't fuck up everything, he did dodge that shoe.
Thank fucking Christ George W. Bush is out of office.
by JakeRyan277 February 26, 2015

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