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The president of the United States. Comes from an aristocratic oil interest family. His fahter payed handsomely for him to attend Yale, despite his mediocre at best grade point average. George W. Bush also supposedly served time in the Air Force, however he was absent without leave for a year of the time he was supposed to serve. Also was once arrested in Maine for driving under the influnce of alcohol. He is well known in modern politics for illegall tactics for winning the first presidential election of the new millenium in America. Also known for disregarding the United Nations and invading Iraq. Also invaded Afghanistan. Once ran an oil company payed for by members of the Bin Laden family, which is known for secretley funding the terrorist organization ran by Osama Bin Laden called Al Quida.
George W. Bush made his state of the union adress today.
by Kolin January 20, 2004
116 77
The 43d President of the United States, a man whose greatest legacy will be remembered as international controversy, massive budget deficits, and a near total lack of anything even remotely resembling diplomacy in his political dealings.
by Brian X September 22, 2003
404 119
A true American embarrassment. He is not stoping terrorism, nor did he catch Saddam Hussein, he put brave Americans (such as myself) in harm's way, to do it for him.
George W. Bush is a horrible, horrible embarrassment, we should all be a little bit ashamed every time he opens his mouth.
by Shamu VonWhalingham July 16, 2005
519 239
Dumbest. Fuck. Ever.
<i> George W. Bush, you dumb fuck. </i>
by yourhere7 April 14, 2005
494 225
Staunch defender of American oil interests.
"Shit, man. Fuck the poor."-George W. Bush.
by Michael W. December 13, 2003
565 315
a president who is semi- retarted but got ellected twice anyway. hes living proof that elections are rigged!!!!!!!DOWN WITH BUSH!!!!!!!
a villege in texas has lost its idiot which is bush!!
by hey what r u eating April 13, 2005
561 314
Proof of the American dream - it's true - ANYONE can become President of the United States of America.
"Yes Georgie! Harder!" - Tony Blair.
by Alex June 30, 2003
586 345
the stupidist mofo who ever walked the Earth. He's just so much of a dumbass the only way i can properly describe him is: George Bush is a dumbass.
America needs to shave its Bush.
by Super L March 19, 2005
442 204