Two time U.S President who defeated the anti American privileged senators John Forbes Kerry and the Al Gore for those terms. Bush's presidency was mainly defined by keeping the American nation safe from Islamo fascist harm after what happened on September 11, 2001. George W. Bush was successful in forming a good program aimed at producing better teachers and students called No Child Left Behind and sent through a series of tax cuts. In 2005, Bush was wrongly accused of not supporting a corrupt New Orleans city administration riped with Black thugs and Black crackheads who were left in New Orleans during the Katrina Hurricane. The survivors of such an incidence showed their appreciation by doping the federal government and buying expensive items instead of items which the monies were suppose to be used for. President Bush in 2008 bailed out banks part in thanks to poor lending procedures caused by liberals who were saying that they were being racists by not giving monies to Black people, even the ones who could not pay it back. Bush also resigned the Civil Rights Act although Blacks are citizens of the U.S and do not need the act signed as being such since 1865. The Bush Administration was the most integrated one of any, even the ones under the hypocrites called the Democrats. Also, Bush was demonized by the leftist media's bias as well as visualization of the Iraq War and the policies regarding it.
President George W. Bush was a two term president who defeated Al "the bore" Gore and John "flip - flop" Kerry to be the 42nd and 43rd U.S President.
by Marquis D. Canaday November 09, 2009
My hero... ok not really. It's just no one has writen anything posotive.
"When I grow up, I want to be Stuipid!" - "You mean George W. Bush?"
by Fred, Ylloh, Enezeric September 02, 2005
The best president the United States has ever had. Was victim to countless attack by granola eating, birkenstock wearing, greatful dead listening hippy liberal douche bags. A TRUE AMERICAN. He is the shit.
George W. Bush is the best president in the history of the united states.
by Iraq War Vet November 13, 2008
scapegoat for all problems arising during the early 2000's, due mainly to his distinct southern accent and propensity for stepping on the toes of ignorant liberals who don't understand the fact that the president has absolutely no power over things like the economy.
"George W. Bush instigated the 9/11 attacks with his illogical foreign policies"

"dude, for one, he had only been in office a few months, his foreign policies hadn't even had time to take effect. Second, we actually started having troubles with al qaeda during the clinton administration
One of the best damn predisents in the US history.
George w. bush is awesome
by noodles1k December 14, 2009
A president who has been called the dumbest president alive with no real proof
guy 1: dude george w. bush sucks
guy2: why?
guy 1: cause hes stupid
guy2: ...
by niggayougay June 27, 2010
The president of the United States of America. ENOUGH SAID.
Before you American morons write a definition about George w Bush that only says, "SEE IDIOT", write the fucking REASON why you think so.
by micheal not michael October 13, 2007
So we'll hate him;

Because he can take it.

Because he's not our hero.

He's a silent guardian,

a watchful protector.

A dark knight.
The movie "The Dark Knight" was an allegory of George W. Bush's presidency.

GWB = Batman.
by best ud def poster February 24, 2010
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