Completely misdefined by all you liberals. The economy has been getting better since George Bush got into the White House. He went to a war which was needed. It's not for oil. That's what all the liberals want you to think so you won't support our president. The war was to LIBERATE the Iraq citizens from a paranoid dictator who lit firecrackers up people's butts because they might have said "kill" and "Saddam" in the same day. He's a great president who has kept the country's best interests in mind even though american citizens like you don't give a rat's ass about him.
Liberal: George w. Bush is horrible.
Me: NO! You're horrible for believing everything the democrats/liberals say about the president.
by Bologurson October 15, 2006
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1. American president from, currently, 2000-2004. Registered as a Republican, he takes the term and twists it until it is barley recognizable. He supports large government, higher taxes, high spending, etc. This is not conservative behavior, but rather that of a liberal. Often blamed by the media, Democrats, and various others as a "neo-Nazi," "village idiot," or "Texas warmonger," he is not that bad of a president. His term has been, obviously, a difficult one, with the 9/11 attacks and the outcome of those attacks. Many Democrats believe that Bush is solely responsible for the 9/11 faulty intelligence, but that is hogwash. The CIA, FBI, and multiple nations, including France, Spain, and Britain, agreed with this intelligence. Also, presidential candidate John Kerry voted for the same intelligence for reasoning for going into war. Likewise, it is not just Bush's fault. The economy is also not Bush's full fault. Current events in the United States, as well as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, have impacted the economy. Of course, these events were not all caused by President Bush himself, but rather by various others within the system.
2. A political punching bag used by Democrats to make them look better by comparison.
3. Michael Moore's way to make a trillion dollars by doing what has been done so many times before for the last four years.
4. A fake Republican president that is a disgrace to conservatives everywhere.
"George W. Bush is not a Republican, yet he is not a facist like the Democrats have you believe."
by Jerry August 20, 2004
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The Man who is going to win the election on November 2nd.
Let's Have Four More Years!
by Ryan October 30, 2004
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A great man and political leader. Stands by his country through its trials and tribulations and is a guiding light through times of dark uncertain dispair. Our President
Leader, fine example of a man
by anonymous May 12, 2004
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Often called a disgrace to the USA, but thats impossible because the USA is a disgrace itself.
<Example of George W Bush goes here>
by Rikco August 31, 2007
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A name that causes paroxysms of rage in some, for reasons that only a particularly gifted psychoanalyst could comprehend.
When I said "George W. Bush" at the faculty meeting, one of my colleagues began to shriek and scream while another's ears bled.
by My dixie wrecked November 25, 2003
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A smart man from the lone star state. He has a degree at Yale one of the most prestigious univeristies in this great land. So no one reading this has the right to rip on him because an important rule of life is that you respect the people above you and he is more powerful than anyone of us. People say that he is trading blood for oil but our economy runs on oil and it is very important that we have it. If our great nation would let me join our army I would because I think this war is a great cause. If we can make Iraq a democracy than all the little countries around it will become a democracy and then we can join with those countries to force Iran to become a democracy. It is called the domino theory. In the past his policies have failed but this is a smart man who loves this nation and will do any thing to protect it.
I hope Mr. Bush has the time to read this and see that in this mean and cruel world there are still people out there who support him
George W Bush the greatest man I have never had the chance to meet.
by Man with all the answers April 10, 2007
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