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A president who actually has the balls to make an effort to change the world, get rid of terrorism, rebuild the Gulf Coast, improve the economy, cut taxes, lower unemployment, promote faith-based initiatives, hold educators accountable, cut down on abortions, and sustain the right of the American people to use firearms. Non-voters, communists, liberals, sheep, and people with IQs lower than 100 get satisfaction out of saying things like he looks like a monkey, is stupid, and blame him for high gas prices and acts of nature. Yet the voting public will continue to vote in Republicans because Republicans are ethical, optimistic, belive in freedom, and actually make progress while in office, instead of the Democrats who are famous for being corrupt, initiating military drafts, raising taxes and pouring it into stupid healthcare and welfare programs that don't do shit, getting blow jobs from interns, and launching random cruise missiles.
George W. Bush deserves a 3rd term, so we can continue to spread freedom, a free market economy, and Christianity around the world.
by acb September 18, 2006
127 199
Proof that voting in America can be rigged. Instigated the 9/11 attacks with his illogical foreign policies, and made the world hate America even more by starting an illegal oil war in Iraq. He has also succeeded in turning America from a once prosperous nation into a debt-ridden chaos.
Way to go, Dubya.
by AYB April 08, 2003
18567 7208
only man alive to make Forest Gump look smart
Mama always said stupid is as George W Bush does
by scarppy August 27, 2003
12848 4346
A political puppet of large companies whose main goals in life are getting rich and destroying the planet in the process.
That's not a president, that's a prostitute!
by Beelzebob May 22, 2003
9156 3857
George W Bush is America's greatest village idiot.
by Stoneur August 09, 2003
6488 1681
Perhaps the worst, most hypocritical, idiotic president the U.S. has ever had in office (and anyone who supports him and his war effort in the Middle East needs a foot broken up into his/her ass and his/her facts straightened out).
George W. Bush is a dick!
7313 3508
A reason to move to Canada.
I can't take four more years of dingus ruining our country, I'm moving to Canada!
by John September 01, 2004
4648 1431
He's our current president. I am a very Christian person and I hate the man. Yes, he's Christian but he doesn't seem to get separation of church and state. And I don't get how you could say abortions are a sensless waste of life yet send innocent people off to war and blow up people in an underdeveloped country for shady reasons. And I'm sick of the conservatives calling themselves 'normal people' and 'patriots'. I have a normal, boring life and I love my country, but I could never love GWB.
ignorance plain and simple.
by Brienne January 24, 2004
5946 2905