A female with an overwhelming amount of pubes
"Dude, Nancy was a total George W this past Saturday."
"Aw gross, Bush?"
"Yeah I think one got in my mouth."
#pube #pubes #george w #george #dubya #hair #pussy #vagina
by Daredpowerranger September 28, 2014
A short, familiar way to say the name of the popular Arabic singer George Wassouf.
Fein al mahhabba wal hannan? wal hannan?
by col. January 31, 2005
A girl with bush(excessive pubic hair).
I got rug burn from that girl's george w.

i can't stand girls with George W.
#bush #pubes #vagina #cunt #twat #cooter
by Mike Duff June 06, 2009
Aka "bubba", da leader of da free world.
Dat georgew is such a bubba.
by daDebil February 29, 2004
when someone hasnt botherd to trim their pubes it gets all bushy.
i went to lick her out and she has a huge george w.

i was gonna give him head but he a had a georde w.
#bush #presidant #george w bush #pubes #hedge
by simondodo August 15, 2006
Female pubic area, as in George W Bush
Do you shave your George W
by TSM March 19, 2005
A bush, or shrub

Origin: From George W. Bush
"Dan Elm fell into the George W's on the side of the house"
by Miles May 22, 2004
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