Money-grabbing bastard and founder of lucasology. Also has an organism (many believe to be Jabba the Hutt) growing off his chin.
Share your money, Steve. Dont do a George Lucas on me!
by macez November 08, 2006
The biggest sell out on the planet.
George Lucas only cares about money.
by generalfett92 March 10, 2009
To Fuck up a movie, or series of movies.
Werewolf: Man, from what I read, they're really going to George Lucas the Hobbit up. Frodo wasn't even born yet. I don't to see him.
by Theedingo1 March 23, 2011
Specifically, "To pull a George Lucas". To take something perfect and then fuck it up with extra unnecessary shit.
"Dude that is some nice curry you got there!!"

"Thanks, let me just add some pineapple and ham to it and it will be just the way I invisioned it!"

"Aaaand you just pulled a George Lucas..."
by LeClaw September 09, 2012
1. The guy who created Star Wars and assisted in the creation of Indiana Jones.

2. To pull a George Lucas is similar to beating a dead horse... i. e. ruining a certain sci-fi or adventurer film franchise because you don't know when to stop.

3. Steven Spielberg's servant.
Hardcore Star Wars Fan: "GEORGE LUCAS IS MY GOD!"

Guy 1: "Seriously, dude. You're pulling a George Lucas. That joke's dead."
Guy 2: "Oh, come on, just one more time. So a guy walks into Mos Eisley Cantina..."

Steven Spielberg: Okay, George, now go to your room. I'll summon you when I'm out of ideas.
by Lupinpatronus August 10, 2008
A once talented director whose success with the Star Wars films has driven him completely insane.
Twenty bucks says that in ten years, George Lucas will be living in a cave, saving his urine, not cutting his fingernails, and trying to kill himself with a plastic lightsaber.
by little geek July 01, 2005
A beard grown to disguise a double chin.
"That George Lucas really helps define your jawline. Without it, you'd look like a potato."

"Um, thanks."
by John Superman December 06, 2013
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