A Mexican the believes that we will allow Mexicans to breed us out of existence. He does not realize what cataclysmic explosion is brewing just under the surface of White people's politically correct facade.
George Lopez says "When we are the majority in five years we will be sure to give you all the respect that you gave to us" Answer: If you live that long.
by Noible December 13, 2009
A sex move similar to a Dirty Sanchez performed the following way:
1. Cut off your pubes.
2. Give your bitch a got milk (a cum mustache).
3. Glue said pubes using said cum to said bitch's face.
Now your bitch looks like a Mexican who is going gray.
That stripper's boyfriend has a fetish for old Mexicans, so he gives her a George Lopez every time they fuck.
by Righteous Fist August 15, 2008
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