An "illeterate monkey" in a human's body. A complete failure who just doesn't want to accept his dumbness.

Let's be stupid today and do George Bush things.
by Aleee October 27, 2006
(vb.) A slightly offensive term meaning to fail, to mess things up, or to inevitably ruin the end product.

(adj.) Describing a person or thing as being a failure, or known for ruining things.

(noun) Someone or thing that is a failure and will screw things up for you.
(adjective) You just went George Bush on the entire thing!
(noun) She's a George Bush. Don't hire her.
(verb) Don't Bush this up!
by ThatGirlInTheBack April 09, 2011
a partially evolved species of ape, still holding specific traits such as a ridiculous face, going bananas over ape shit, unclean and without human intellect
"Dudee did u hear a George Bush just got elected for president?!?!!"

"Holy shittt!! Those monkeys are almost extinct!!"

"I know!! His future plans will drive us into extinction as well!!"

"Thats fucking awesome dudeee !!"

George Bush
by lil' mozzie November 28, 2010
-A common swear word created January 20, 2001 to describe a bad feeling or action.
- Also Known a Bush'n, bushary, busher, bushing or, George Fucking Bush.
*George Bush*
"-Man..did you see that bush'n busher?
-Yeah that jerk was full of bushary.
-George Fucking Bush!
-I just Bushing cut my Bushing finger!
-Aww man that's total Bushary!"
by Shaka brah March 24, 2008
George W Bush is a weird gorilla-like monkey species. they were last seen somewhere in texas. this kind is known for its open stupidity and inability to act quickly. they like to pick on fights with other gorillas when assuming they have something called "nuculuar". we are yet to discover what "nuculuar" actually is. they show open desire for oil and green paper (especially dollar bills). Luckily for the man-kind this species have been recently wiped out. However, one of them survived and that son of a bitch is a real pain in the ass. Somehow, the stupid rednecks have managed to elect the monkey to become a US president. The stupid gorilla wants to get as much oil and money as he can in his recent campaign Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.). The gorilla is trying to adopt to human environment. The stupid bitch still has not completely learned english language there fore using weird sentences. The monkey openly supports humans and fish living togethrr in prosperety. Also, the species have a hard time eating dry foods such as a pretzel and consuming such foods can be fatal to them.

Attention all kids in 2009 the Busharilla is coming to the NY zoo!!!!
George Bush on tv
"Tha Irahqi peeplez have nuculuar weepanz, an' we must nail 'em toe to ze neck."
Leanr english u stupid gorilla
by gengsta June 05, 2007
The evil corrupt man that claims to be from Texas, but was actually born in Connecticut. He is a Liar.
George Bush is a fag.
by The Bush Hater. August 26, 2008
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