a man who makes me sick i have a military mind and when i herd he sent 15,000 to afghanstan i new it wasent enough to complete the entire mission and i was right although he defeated an easy to kill tailiban army he was unable to kill most of its top leaders exspecially osma.then he decided to invade iraq with a mere 30,000 and take it over and occupy it. when his dumbass figured out 30,000 wasent enough he brought in many reserve units who were not as well trained. although many died in war for oil he was still happy that he was able to pull off what no one else had ever done, and that was to takeover iraq before the U.N sanctions would force the goverment to change its way without american involvement or bloodshed. To him 1,500 dead is satisfactory to him but was it necsary?there were no WMD's there just lies,and saddam had no links to terrorists.the saddam we captured was not the same saddam donald rumsfeld shook hands with in the 80,s. it was a saddam who never had a chance a saddam who ruled iraq in fear of his own people because of several assination attempts,it wasent the saddam we thought it would be, no, it was the saddam bush,colin powel,every neo-conservitive made him to be.in afghanstan bush was like hitler at denmark and in iraq he was like half the brain his father was.
read about napleons occupation in egypt or about hitler descion to stop before his army reached denmark. build your knowledge then with that knowledge of the past youl be able to see that bushes decions in the present are and will be wrong.
by johnyhoff March 04, 2005
Texan Republican, 43rd President of the United States.

-approval rates ranging from roughly 87% to 32%.
-Current Unemployment rate = 4.7%, the lowest percentage in the last 40 years besides the Clinton administration.

-Federal spending under George Bush increased under Bush by 26%

-The american economy is the fastest growing of all industrialized nations (4.8%) although it is much lower than under the clinton years.

-Several questions on the legitimacy of the War in Iraq. No wmds have been found and several soldiers lives have been lost.
by Bmoney3333 May 31, 2006
a nickname for a type a marijuana. similar to blue berry yum yum.
lets go smoke that george bush
by -unknown October 08, 2007
The father of George W. Bush. George Bush is often confused with George W. Bush.
Guy #1: Man, George Bush is a dumbass he invaded Iraq to try to find WMDs and there weren't any LOL.

Guy #2: Don't you mean George W. Bush?
by Bove August 12, 2006
a man who nobody should like but is by far not the worst president ever. I'm a republican, and I do not like George Bush, but I would never call him a KKK member, perhaps corrupt and perhaps a liar, but not in the KKK, not a retard, and he dosn't hate minoritys just because people want to find ways to hate him. I don't hate him, I DISLIKE HIM, and unless you know George Bush, you SHOULDN'T hate him!
Every person in America: George Bush is a republican idiot stupid dumbass asshole redneck moron retard cunt dick twat bitch conservative pussy dumb fag fucktard gay hick who's in the KKK and hates minoritys because of Hurricane Katrina! I know this because I don't know George Bush personally and everyone hates him so I should too!
by Spikesy July 08, 2006
He doesn't like black people.
"George Bush doesn't care about black people"
by Amolo September 24, 2005
Peter Pan's opposite...
George Bush: I give to rich and take from the poor
by some polak November 02, 2004

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