The soul reason to hate america, other than william Shatner
George Bush ate my girlfriend.
by Joe April 20, 2004
The man who I think should win the "Douche-Bag of the Universe" award.

Crazy old Texan that studders when he can't answer a question.
Reporter: Mr. Bush, why are you and the FCC going after Howard Stern?

Bush: Ughh, buh, huh, I I I ughh.

Reporter: Tough question?

Reporter: Well, what did you have for dinner?

Bush (AKA Douche bag): Chicken and lots of mustard.

george bush is such a fucking bastard.
by I forget April 14, 2004
words used to describe as a total idiotic action,move,suggestion,though etc.
Wow..that was so stupid...she totally pulled a George Bush.
by wantsnewprez February 24, 2006
If George W. Bush is so wonderful, then why is it a coincidence that he revisited the same country with war on his mind that his father did, just to leave Osama Bin Laden free to roam the planet in search of new terrorist targets?

If George W. Bush is so wonderful, then why is Haliburton, the company once run by his Vice President, Dick Cheney, in control of the reconstruction of Iraq after a war that cost countless lives and billions of dollars just to find his W.M.D. (Weapons of Mass Destruction/Distraction), which in turn weren't there.

If George W. Bush is so wonderful, then why did he win the first election while Al Gore received the majority vote, and why is it a coincidence that the state that handed him the Presidency (just for yall unedumacated tiipes - Florida), was run by his brother?

If George W. Bush is so wonderful, then please explain his good intentions of waiting until the last minute to send relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

If his so-called "Clean-Air Act" made the air so clean, why is it more polluted than its ever been (and not to mention the state he left for the presidency, Texas, is the most polluted state in the nation)?

If George W. Bush is so wonderful, then why has he failed at so many businesses, yet, incredibly, done such a "great job" at running this country?

If George W. Bush is so wonderful, then why does most of the world now hate the United States, when they simply thought of us as friends earlier?

If George W. Bush is so wonderful, then why can he never make a speech without introducing improper grammar and spelling?

I don't personally hate Republicans, I just hate those who can't see more than 5 minutes in front of their face, and refuse to take the truth.

Why is a good question to ask a lot. Try asking this more often than simply agreeing every time you hear your beloved Prez say how great the economy is, and how he's going to open this he-err Can O' Whoop'ass on them "bad group of folks" he so patriotically refers to terrorists as.

Your president, OUR president, FAILED US . Whether he is in office or not, this country is going to continue rolling downhill, whether you dipshits want to believe it, or not.
What kind of a miserable failure chokes on a pretzel?

The day the White House became George Bush's second home, the founding fathers of the, once proud, once mighty, and once not-so-naive, America, rolled in their graves.

One nation, under Bush, with liberty and justice for none.
by Liberal Democrat September 24, 2005
A traitor, dumbass, moron, fool, idiot, whatever you want to call him, he defines it. Except, of course, for positive terms, such as a good president. He couldn't lead a small ant colony out of a paper bag. I'm surprised he's able to lead the nation...
George W. Bush has never, EVER been able to hold down a steady job... Until he got into politics from the help of his daddy, from which time, the state taxes of texas rose to an almost unheard of level.

Now he's president, and will be for another four years. God help us all.
by Mr. Jangles May 01, 2005
Follicularily speaking, Bush's growth and spread is out of hand.
Dang that's nasty! You betta trim that Bush!
by martyv February 25, 2005
He's the president of Mexico.
Bob: George Bush is really going out of his way to take care of Mexico.

Ron: Well, he is their president.
by fkgt March 22, 2007

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