THE DUMBEST PERSON ALIVE!!! Gay marriage should be legal because its not thier fault their gay, just like striaght people can't help being striaght. Gay people arn't ruining our country so why dont Bush just leave them alone!!

If anyone has a problem with this, IM me on ForgottenxFreak or go to
guy1:lets get married
guy2:we can't because of george bush
guy1:then lets move to the UK!!!
by STRiAGHT_but_not_NARROW July 31, 2006
georgie is the personification of all that is wrong with western culture. he's also an egotistical bastard with absolutely no grasp of engish grammar. Oh yeah, and he frequently improvises his public speeches, and audiences are left wondering whether he actually thinks he made sense? or if he has indeed drifted off in a fucking power bubble where he has the omnipotence to alter the laws of gravity, morality and evidently, language...hmmm.
from the mouth of g. w. :

"we look forward to hearing your vision, so we can more better do our job. that's what i'm telling you."

someone should snipe george bush.
by ElectroPopSavedMyLife April 11, 2006
Douche, Douche, Douche, straight up.
Wow George Bush is a Douche
by Milobrielkoenigas March 08, 2006
A retarded man the went missing a few yeats ago from our town.....wait a minute.
Mom i found him! hes on TV with a suit on?
by Jacob The Awsomest August 09, 2005
Horrible, horrible president. Only got where he was b/c of his father, lied about WMD reports (where half his cabinet said were fake before the war started) to start a war when we had to catch a person who was actually a THREAT to us. Has "immoral" values and brings them up when ever someone brings up Iraq or the economy. Could have easily stopped 9/11, Clinton told him Bin Laden was plotting to attack when he left office (leaving him as 1 of the 3 biggest threats) Killed the economy, between CHina, his tax cuts and 9/11 (his fault) caused. Promotes people who screw up. Drove many oil businesses into the ground. Is an alchoholic. Does not know the definition of keep church and state separate. Is a draft dodger. Does not know anything about wars. Underfunds his war he started. One of the worst presidents ever.
"Fired for giving faulty intelligence about a war, have a medal!"

"Lets see, my secretary of state quit b/c no one listened to him, I think his position should be taken by the person who ignored 9/11"
by Tony Ramone July 13, 2005
"Obliviously on he sails, with marks not quite as good as Quail's"
-Calvin Trillin
look up some quotes of Quail's, you'll find them pretty entertaining
by me March 31, 2005
the only reason we are at war in iraq
-president bush is such an sob for sending the troops out to war.
-the terrorists attacked america because bush sr. did something gay. the terrorists are smarter than us(except for the people who'd voted for gore or kerry). they knew bush jr. was no good, so they attacked the u.s. to warn us of the gay shit bush jr. would do.
by dy January 12, 2005

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