Doesn't care about black people.
"George Bush doesn't care about black people." -Kanye West
by Sgt. Zim April 05, 2006
quite possibly the only man ever to manage to get more than half the country to hate him. Also known as the worlds biggest homophobic moron, who dropped out of elementary school.
George bush only won the election because all the other homophobic rednecks voted for him.
by jay oh ea el May 23, 2005
the village idiot, usually from the southern area of a specific place, and in very rare times, becomes the leader, when the people of the place are confused by his antics.
George Bush is a George Bush.
by uncrules123 March 19, 2005
the biggest dumbass on the entire planet that should never have been elected. if the us goes down in hell because of all of our alliance countries hate us it's his fault.
if you're a fag your name must be george bush
*Something bad enough to send people in to canada!
*Responsible for the biggest american split since the civil war.
*Not to be misunderestimated.
*Case study for pro-abortion.
*Hitler II
*The greatest genius of our time. Duuuuhhh.....*dribble*
Every single time he opens his mouth...
by Obscure facts man! February 23, 2005
The dumbest person to ever live.
Our piece of shit president just bombed another country and unemployment is as high as ever. He sure is dumb
by t February 21, 2005
American president who makes you hope that the idea of The Patriots, a group of elite people who REALLY run America, and the president is just their puppet, is true.
Then we would be assured that no one could be such a dumbass.
by American July 19, 2004
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