The only monkey on earth known to currently be a world leader. His brethren in the jungle miss him dearly.
"Dude, George Bush looks like a monkey!"
by cleanup December 31, 2005
The word George Bush Jr. can be defined as incompetancy that is promoted because of wealth, at lease the Hiltons were street smart.

George Bush Jr, can also be defined as always on vacation. While on national T.V. giving 2 thumbs up for federal responce time. Of course later recanted.

George Bush Jr. can be defined as leader of 4.1 million Americans classified as poverty poor under his presidency.

George Bush Jr, can be defined as conservative that spends like a liberal 3 trillion surplus into 11 trillion deficit. The clock is ticking at 1.66 billion per day.

George Bush Jr, can be defined as lowering the standard of living for every USA citizen except the 10%, which grew in value on the expence of decease.
George Bush jr. Like his father they both gave a Dam.... gave a dam about their oil.

Oxy moron = democratic freedom for Iraq and rebuilding New Orleans in 6 years. Hell They don't care they won't be around when the piper comes to town. But I bet urr butt that our kids will,
by Kavika05 September 15, 2005
The only man alive that can convince lesbians that they've had more than enough Bush.
Let's hope it's not too late. Vote for ANYONE ELSE in 2004.
by elementus September 08, 2004
Nown: A wild animal of the dessert, known to have a huge body but little eyes, also known to have a fat ass. If spotted, do not under any circumstanses approach, attempt to feed, pet, or poke. Bushes become disgrunteled and confused and may attack with their ass, or claw at the ground. If attacked, run to the nearest water sourse and jump in. If there is none, make wild bird calls to scare it off, or run to the nearest boarder. Most importantly, do not let a George Bush get too close to your head, for it may brain-wash you with it's horrible communication skills. George Bushes are very rear in areas with lots of trees, or anywhere with clean air. They usually feed off of unsuspecting prey, such as mice, worms and dirt, and during mating season usually has to supply itself with lots of oil to impress females. If seen, please report to the United Nations, and if attacked, do not hesitate to shoot or give it pretsels.

This is a message broadcasted from the United Nations and everyone in the entire world.
Holy shit! I just saw a George Bush! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!
by National Geographic Association August 09, 2004
The results of a kid who didn't eat quite enough broccoli.
"I do not like broccoli. And I haven't liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I'm President of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli."- Bush

"Timothy, eat up your broccoli, you don't want to be a George Bush!"

by MichelleChan October 09, 2007
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