A Great president, from 1989 to 1993, the father of George w. bush.
george bush was the 41st president, and looks alot like his son.
by olavur August 16, 2008
The president (soon to be ex) that has made many bad decisions and talks as if he does not know proper english. The bad thing is, alot of kids think he's so bad and are always against him. Seriously, 3/4 of the kids at my school hate him with little justification. Sure, he may not be the greatest president, but people are outright hating him for stupid shit.
I asked a few people why they hate him so much, and all they said was he started the Iraq war and gas prices.

really? come one, there's more to it than that and if that's the reason why you hate George Bush, Get a brain.
"George Bush sucks! George Bush sucks!"


"Er... he just sucks!"
by Taylor Fly February 24, 2008
A Republican president who opened up a very large can of whoop-ass on the Crybaby Dummycrats.
Al Gore, John Kerry, Mikey fat ass Moore, Al Chode Frankin,

Al>> George Bush cheated! Waaaa!! He stole the election...
George>> Fuck off you Queef!
by Zoook January 07, 2006
A great leader who wasn't afraid to fight when he needed to. People love to blame every problem they've ever had on him.
Ignoramus- 9/11 was George Bush's fault.
Me- Yeah, you're right. Even though it was planned in CLINTON'S time, and only executed less than a year into Bush's presidency.
Ignoramus- Oh, yeah, well, HE CAUSED HURRICANE KATRINA!!!!!
Me- Leave, before your stupidity rubs off on me.
by patriotic_American July 20, 2011
A term for high class marijuana.
"Presidential Shit...George Bush"

by Honest Rob December 19, 2008
The 43rd President of the United States of America who was blamed unfairly for everything and by everyone.
We will all miss George Bush some day, just wait!
by Petaa Griffin February 20, 2010
When Your pee Splits in Half..(for Males)
How Many times has your pee split in half?? George Bush.. Goerge Bush..
by TLetts and chrisD was there April 17, 2009

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