One stupid son of a bitch republican who could care less about other people, all he cares about it his rich ass friends and other rich people. He is the worst president ever. also, his vice president's name is.. dick
That explains a lot in itself..
Hi i am george w. dumbass and i aprove this message
Message: Vote for me, i'm not real sure why.. just do it and i will take all your money away and.... (gets distracted by a guy walkin by in leather pants and they end the commercial)
by some crazy ass white dude February 24, 2005
The pubic hair around one's asshole.
Janet: Yo girl, how was your Brazilian wax?

Jessica: Good! I really needed to get rid of my George Bush!
by joshdamigo November 24, 2011
The dumbest being alive... ever. Usually next to the second dumbest being alive, cheney. Can be usually found near cacti and other desert plants. Feeds on doritos hoho's and other mind numbing foods and gets erections watching bambi and other gay disney characters. Makin words up is its favorite passtime and although he usually doesnt know where the hell he is most of the time, he ALWAYS finds the wrong thing to say at precisely the wrong time. Its does not defecate (its full of shit).

When out of its natural habitat, eggs and other vegetables and sometimes even rocks are attracted to it with a magical variation of the already known gravitational pull. AKA agressive demonstrations.
aww... look at the little georgy bush makin this world a better place for his fellow apes! he sure is a stupid george bush!
by brayan gomez August 28, 2008
the stuff that comes out of a dick when a homosexual ejaculates.
ALSO SEE: Worst President To Live On Planet Earth, Pubic Hair
Geez dude, that homos George Bush was GROSS last night.
by Lila Goldstien March 15, 2008
Currently the most hated man in the United States. Shit, according to the top most hated people of all time charts, the son of a bitch is number 1, more hated than Osama Bin Laden who is in turn followed by Adolf Hitler. Holy shit, the poor guy is hated more than the man who blew up the Twin Towers, and more hated than Hitler who is responsible for more than 30 million deaths and left Europe in Ruins. Fact of the matter is, the guy didnt really do anything apart from having poor judgement and not so great leadership skills. Blamed for every single American's problems, and is widely made fun of his pronouncing mistakes, which only happened on 4 instances.
American people like Osama Bin Laden and Adolf Hitler more than the dreaded George Bush
by communismbeatsdemocracy May 31, 2009
I guy who fights in what he belives in and doesnt suck up to the media (like hillary).

doesnt listen 2 any liberal assholes

critisized by many who wish they could be in his shoes

killed the evil fucker saddam hussain

helped the country during 9/11 crisis
George bush is the president.
by lemonpartyfan April 04, 2007
You people make me sick all you do is bash bush. is there anything that he has done right in your eyes? Bush has not RUINED our economy it is booming for all you morons out there. the unemployment rate is way down even more than when CLINTON was president. The iraqis do not hate us they are happy because they are free! People voted in there election and stood in line to vote even with the fear of a terrorist attack! how many americans do you think would do that? Some of you even make bush out to be hitler how can you possibly do that? hitler was evil, he murdered millions of jews how does bush even come near that?! at first everyone wanted to negotiate with sadam and terrorists YOU CANT FUCKING NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS they are going to go against whatever it is that you want them to do, they hate us dont you realize it?! at first when we were attacked on 9/11 most people were for the war now everyone is against it. should we just pull out of the countries we are in now and fight the war on the streets here? DO YOU PEOPLE WANT TO FIGHT THE WAR THERE OR HERE?
george bush is not hitler you fucking liberals
by qwerty123456789 July 18, 2006

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