the thing you use for target practice for shoe throwing
if I can hit george bush with my shoe that means I have a really good aim
by that annoying pest June 26, 2010
The 43rd president, hides behind the Republican affiliation, but In no way is he for people or business in any way. I would use the word dictator. Many believe he is hiding behind Dick (no pun intended) so we should blame other people instead. Bush may not be the one making all the mistakes in Washington D.C., but he is lying about them, so he is 99.9% guilty.
although many people hate him because of the media (this is the excuse for those out there who have this crazy belief that he is good) those who pay attention enough go online and look around to see how much everyone else hates him, and if everyone hates him, including many foreign countries, He must be one hell of a pr!ck.
You must give this guy props, he lead an entire nation into a two week war claiming there were weapons of mass destruction and that the enemies were an "axis of evil", not to mention how the terrorist must of been hiding in Iraq the entire time. by repeatedly using the word "terrorist" he scared a once great nation into the notion that Iraq had Weapons of Mass destruction, meaning that even though North Korea has a more advanced nuclear program and is farther away than Iraq, but still tries to launch missiles at us (but fail) Iraq is much more deadly. sadly, many people fail to realize that Terrorists are today's communist. meaning that for another 40 some odd years and one or two conflicts, everyone is going to be scared pissless for no reason other than to throw money at the problem just like wall street.
George Bush is notable for fleeing Vietnam, being addicted to coke, and having very good ties to the oil companies, yet we still pay hellish prices at the pump. "GOD BLESS AMERICA"
by jesu720 December 30, 2008
The most dumb fuck on the face of the planet. Also has the nickname which is a fact A DISGRACE TO AMERICA
Dude 1- *starts joke* Knock Knock
Dude 2- Whos' there
Dude 1-The dumbest fuck on the face of the earth!
Dude 2- uhhhhhhh lemme guess GEORGE BUSH
by ScReWuAlL December 18, 2009
An influential politician in the Cheney administration.
George Bush: "I believe that the human being and fish can coexist peacefully."
by Oscar MacGorden January 17, 2012
A female who has a really bushy hairy vagina. The pubic hair generally pops out of the side of the panties and stares at people. Typically combed with a fine toothed comb and conditioned while in the shower.
Pubic hair can be any color.
Look at that girl in her bikini over there, she's such a George Bush.
by shibanu January 23, 2011
President of the United Stated from 2000-2008

Gets a lot of crap from people who have a lack of basic understanding of government. Apparently, no one has a fucking clue about checks and balances, which if you're not aware of, means the president can't do whatever he wants. There had to be a bunch of other supposed "fuck-ups" from congress (Democrats included) right behind him.
Assuming person who fails to understand checks and balances: Oh my god, George Bush screwed up the economy! Anarchy, man!

Non-dipshit: If you had any clue about government, you'd know that it was Congress, not George Bush, who screwed up the economy. Anarchy is a flawed system anyways.
by fgsfdsMASTER December 25, 2008
A monkey.
"Have you noticed how curious George Bush is?"
by Chokey McC May 13, 2010

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