43rd President of the United states of America. He believes in relying on "instinct", the problem is that you need experience to draw from in order for your instincts to be any use.
WASHINGTON POST: Why do you think bin Laden has not been caught?
DUBYA: Because he's hiding.

-- Dubya offers a ludicrous answer to a serious question, interview with Michael A. Fletcher and Jim VandeHei of the Washington Post aboard Air Force One, Jan. 14, 2005
by bomb biscuit April 10, 2005
1)When Satan takes a crap on Earth,Bush was spawned.
2)An extremely stupid and mentally retarded president
Wow that guy is as stupid as George Bush
by Lazy998 August 05, 2008
George W Bush is a weird gorilla-like monkey species. they were last seen somewhere in texas. this kind is known for its open stupidity and inability to act quickly. they like to pick on fights with other gorillas when assuming they have something called "nuculuar". we are yet to discover what "nuculuar" actually is. they show open desire for oil and green paper (especially dollar bills). Luckily for the man-kind this species have been recently wiped out. However, one of them survived and that son of a bitch is a real pain in the ass. Somehow, the stupid rednecks have managed to elect the monkey to become a US president. The stupid gorilla wants to get as much oil and money as he can in his recent campaign Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.). The gorilla is trying to adopt to human environment. The stupid bitch still has not completely learned english language there fore using weird sentences. The monkey openly supports humans and fish living togethrr in prosperety. Also, the species have a hard time eating dry foods such as a pretzel and consuming such foods can be fatal to them.

Attention all kids in 2009 the Busharilla is coming to the NY zoo!!!!
George Bush on tv
"Tha Irahqi peeplez have nuculuar weepanz, an' we must nail 'em toe to ze neck."
Leanr english u stupid gorilla
by gengsta June 05, 2007
A terrible president. Someone who:

- issues tax cuts that give money to people who have it, while taking money from people who don't have it (if someone can explain this logic to me, I would greatly appreciate it).

- can't spell "tomato", whines about being "misunderestimated", and butchers the English language in general every time he talks, then has the damn nerve to say the National Anthem "oughta" be sung in English ("oughta" is not a word, btw).

- corners the man behind a direct attack on our nation, then leaves him in the custody of his own people to attack a country that had nothing to do with said attack (or with anything else, for that matter) because he thinks they might have weapons of mass destruction.

- considers the utter annihilation of homosexuality, Paganism, and, in general, everything that disagrees with his moral beliefs, more important than ending the poverty in this country.

- bashes stem-cell research because he will not take an innocent life in order to save a life, but has no problem with killing innocent civilians in his fight against terrorism.

- Says he follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, who was a pacifist, an advocate of the seperation of church and state, and who taught people to care for people less fortunate than us. With that said, it makes perfect sense for him to bomb countries on a whim, give a cold shoulder to the poverty problem in America, and try to push Christianity upon every last American citizen.

I am a liberal, but don't think I am out to bash the true Conservatives. The people I am bashing are the so-called "conservatives" sitting in Washington and ruling over this country, who have butchered the word "conservative" beyond recognition.

I must admit that in having people read my views online, I am hoping that support for the Bush administration will wane. However, as a liberal, I realize that my beliefs are my own, and your beliefs are your own. I do not wish to push my beliefs upon anyone.

Please note that my true name, Pranam Dave, is shown below (it is a foreign name, and so may seem strange if you are ignorant like George Bush). These are my beliefs. I am very strong in my hatred for George Bush, and I do not excuse myself for it, and I do not fear sharing my views. I will not disclose my exact location.
by Pranam Dave June 13, 2006
Most fucked American President ever which is so fucking asshole that most hated in the world next to britney spears.
A)Hey man, do u know george bush?
B)Yeah man, he's stupid dumbass president in united stats man
by Bryan Sung January 05, 2006
A de-evolved primate we didn't vote for once...but TWICE.
Like when George Bush went war with Iraq instead of Afganistan when the 9/11 terrorists clearly came from there.
by Ann Maley November 10, 2008
one more stunningly thick qoute from old georgie.....

Seriously, what the hell was he thinking?

'Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream'

George Bush also makes repeated use of the word 'misunderestimated' which actually isn't a word at all!!
by Douglas Henderson April 04, 2007
Most stupid man on earth and has only ever outsmarted one person, bbc political editor Nick Robinson.
Nick Robinson: asks some question about politics
George Bush: did you know your bald
NR: I didn't realise you cared
GB: I don't!
by mikalalalalalalalalalala March 29, 2011
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