43rd President of the United states of America. He believes in relying on "instinct", the problem is that you need experience to draw from in order for your instincts to be any use.
WASHINGTON POST: Why do you think bin Laden has not been caught?
DUBYA: Because he's hiding.

-- Dubya offers a ludicrous answer to a serious question, interview with Michael A. Fletcher and Jim VandeHei of the Washington Post aboard Air Force One, Jan. 14, 2005
by bomb biscuit April 10, 2005
"George" from geôrgos -> farmer, a compound of gç -> earth + ergein -> to work; and "Bush" - now, ya all know what bush is.
The literal translation is "farmer's daughter"
F%#k that George Bush.
by rulin May 29, 2005
any female lacking in shaven genitalia
i was bout to go down on dis bitch and she was a fuckin george bush! i split!!
by p-i-m-p March 29, 2004
Something that gets you fucked up and its bullshit. Like the president George Bush.
Smokin on dat George Bush
Drinkin on dat George Bush
"Georgia Bush", cause the president is a bitch.
#bullshit #bitch #george bush #worthless #worse president
by Spadez da King April 30, 2007
n. (jorj booch)
1) 43rd President of The United States.

2) 21st century American leader who’s rise to power necessitated the downgrading of Caligula, Nero, and King George IV to ‘moderate’ twits in the History of World Politics Almanac.

3) American president who frequently confused a Scottish terrier for that little black briefcase containing the DEFCON 1 nuclear alert codes, and carried it with him on the Marine 1 helicopter as a result of the mistake. (Ironically, most of his staff was actually relieved when he made this mistake.)

5) The Bush family's equivalent of Fredo, in the Corleone family. (Except for the part about ‘banging cocktail waitresses two at a time.’ Substitute countries.)

6) The first American head of state to argue that Raphael was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle during a presidential debate. (The American electorate took this as a comforting sign that he was not a member of the 'liberal elite,' and re-elected him.)

7) The political equivalent of Wile E. Coyote:
ie-despite having unlimited access to Acme giant magnets, sling shots, rockets and vanishing cream, somehow managed to:
a) Be too stoned to hit the bottle when asked for a urine sample, requisite to getting flight status in the Alabama Air National Guard.

b) Go broke in the oil business in Texas in the middle of an oil boon.

c) Not realize that Osama bin Laden was about to attack the United States after being handed an intelligence bulletin entitled "Bin Laden about to attack the United States" two weeks before Bin Laden attacked the United States.

d) Invade Iraq in an attempt to capture a flea-bitten rat scrotum who was actually living in Afghanistan at the time. (Although, the confusion in geography was clearly President Clinton's fault for getting spooge all over the official White House Atlas.)

e) Whip the American public into a xenophobic frenzy against Arabs as an election issue, then sell American ports to Arabs in an election year, then claim he didn't know what he did, but that he was going to defend to the death what he didn't know he did. (see: clusterfuck.)

f) Appoint his Harvard room mate Jim Ignitowski to be head of FEMA, despite having bunrt out most of his brain cells with LSD during the 60s.

g) Nominate a candidate for the Supreme Court who's only obvious qualification for the job was that she was an expert in pulling his metaphorical ding-a-ling.

h) Constantly shoot his fellow Republicans in the foot. (A variation of the tactic commonly employed by VP Dick Cheney to raise party funds.)

8) A generally good natured and nice guy whom you would like to be leader of your kids in summer camp, but not necessarily leader of the free world in the new millennium.
“Is George Bush in town for one of those faux town hall meetings, or did somebody just let that gang of circus midgets out of the drunk tank early?”
#lemo #simian #porky's revenge #president #fredo corleone #decline of the american empire
by parisofpriam February 25, 2006
used in relation to good weed cuz it fuck you up.
What we ridin? (what we ridin?)
Big wheels (BIG WHEELS!)
Choppin hard (choppin hard)
Like Bill! (LIKE BILL!)
What we drankin? (what we drankin?)
Dat patron (dat patron)
Keep the bottle poppin all night long... (night long)
What we smokin? (what we smokin?)
Dat kush (DAT KUSH!)
Presidential shit george bush (GEORGE BUSH!)
How we do it? (how we do it?)
Like dis (LIKE DIS!)
Get crunk big big big big big...

by CHROHNYK September 18, 2005
a man who makes me sick i have a military mind and when i herd he sent 15,000 to afghanstan i new it wasent enough to complete the entire mission and i was right although he defeated an easy to kill tailiban army he was unable to kill most of its top leaders exspecially osma.then he decided to invade iraq with a mere 30,000 and take it over and occupy it. when his dumbass figured out 30,000 wasent enough he brought in many reserve units who were not as well trained. although many died in war for oil he was still happy that he was able to pull off what no one else had ever done, and that was to takeover iraq before the U.N sanctions would force the goverment to change its way without american involvement or bloodshed. To him 1,500 dead is satisfactory to him but was it necsary?there were no WMD's there just lies,and saddam had no links to terrorists.the saddam we captured was not the same saddam donald rumsfeld shook hands with in the 80,s. it was a saddam who never had a chance a saddam who ruled iraq in fear of his own people because of several assination attempts,it wasent the saddam we thought it would be, no, it was the saddam bush,colin powel,every neo-conservitive made him to be.in afghanstan bush was like hitler at denmark and in iraq he was like half the brain his father was.
read about napleons occupation in egypt or about hitler descion to stop before his army reached denmark. build your knowledge then with that knowledge of the past youl be able to see that bushes decions in the present are and will be wrong.
by johnyhoff March 04, 2005
A slang term for weed, made popular by D.J. Unk in his song; "2 step".
"Im Getting Jiggy Wit It
Smokin On That George Bush."
#george bush #weed #ganja #marijuana #blunts
by V-Ness June 28, 2007
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