Someone who

1. Turned the largest US surplus into the largest deficit in American history, then gives tax cuts when he should be raising taxes to get more money for the country. (And of course, he only gives tax cuts to all of his rich buddies.)

2. Blamed bin Laden for 9/11 (which is okay), but when he couldn't find him, made Americans forget about him by diverting their attention to Saddam Hussein, who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. Has he found bin Laden? Has he found any WMDs? Didn't think so.

3. Feels the need to stick his nose in Iraq's business and "improve" their government while bombing and completely destroying Iraq-it's obvious it's just an excuse to go to war.

4. Lies about there being NO terrorist attacks since 9/11, when there have been quite a few that he covers up or makes America forget about. (Like that anthrax threat a few years ago for example.)

5. Passes the Patriot Act to keep America safe from terrorists while arresting people who aren't terrorists, never catching the people who are, and violating SIX AMENDMENTS of the Constitution.

6. Passes "Clean Air Act" which actually makes the air dirtier.

7. Makes every country in the world besides Britain and Poland hate us.

8. Quits the Kyoto Protocol because it would make his rich buddies actually spend some money to reduce global warming, and God forbid anyone has to spend money.

9. Throws ultimatums at the American people that only a complete idiot could fall for (and a lot have) like "You're with us or you're with the terrorists" and basically just gets America to be loyal to him out of fear.

10. Only gets into Yale because of his father and passes with a C- average.

11. Has said enough stupid things to fill 265 pages of "Bushisms" books.

12. Gets elected into office after losing by over 10,000 votes. Do you think it's a coincidence that his brother was the governor of the state that the whole election depended on in 2000??
George Bush is a COMPLETE FUCKING ASSHOLE who never should have been elected, is one of the worst people in the country to earn the job of president and definitely is the worst president we have ever had or will ever have.
by anonymous March 13, 2005
before he was president he started out in the national gaurd and then quikly moved to the oil buisnness where he did realy poorly in and often drove all his companys in the ground. Bush then decide he would try and do better in politics.when he became govenor of texas he became famous for destroying the education system he also met with taliban representives to discuss oil most likely. Other then that he didnt do much as govenor. when he became president the first thing that happened to the nation was the the biggest ression since the great depression.
then after 9/11 he invaded afghanstan with only 15,000 troops although the army was succesfull in getting the tailiban out of afghanstan it failed in acheving its primary objective and that was to capture Osma binladen. Smart and itelligent people and exspecialy the Democrats pointed out that afghanstan was a failure. Most americans though were just happy to see the U.S win another war. This would be one of the many factors bush would use to his advantage in his political campain even though the mission in afghanstan was incomplete. Any president would have done the same and could have made the same mistake but what bush did next ripped the country apart. Without permission of the U.N and the support of france,germany and every other country with a modern army except britian an intionaly spain(who eventuly pulled out).The iraq army was easly deafeted and no wmds were found even worse the 30,000 that had gone in were not enough thus the army activated it reserve and gaurd units who were ill prepaired. the occupation went from bad to worse and many americans and an uncounted Iraqis have perished. After bush had won re-election runnig on the same powerfull political machine the republicans he moved election dates up in Iraq by himself with that same stubborn attitude with succesful results.He also is currently thinking of getting rid of an economic safety net called social securty and turning it into an investmen plan where people have to go it alone in the stock market to make money when they retire. Although it sounds like a good idea its been pointed out that learnig to invest is realy hard and something based on luck another thing his britian did this in the 80,s and now have the worse pension plans in the world.
none about the great deprsesion if want to see why its not a good idead to have people investing who shouldnt.
by johnyhoff March 04, 2005
Texan Republican, 43rd President of the United States.

-approval rates ranging from roughly 87% to 32%.
-Current Unemployment rate = 4.7%, the lowest percentage in the last 40 years besides the Clinton administration.

-Federal spending under George Bush increased under Bush by 26%

-The american economy is the fastest growing of all industrialized nations (4.8%) although it is much lower than under the clinton years.

-Several questions on the legitimacy of the War in Iraq. No wmds have been found and several soldiers lives have been lost.
#hurricane katrina #clinton #economy #war in iraq #war on terrorism
by Bmoney3333 May 31, 2006
a nickname for a type a marijuana. similar to blue berry yum yum.
lets go smoke that george bush
#marajuana #blueberry yum yum #weed #pot #political weed
by -unknown October 08, 2007
The father of George W. Bush. George Bush is often confused with George W. Bush.
Guy #1: Man, George Bush is a dumbass he invaded Iraq to try to find WMDs and there weren't any LOL.

Guy #2: Don't you mean George W. Bush?
#george bush #george ush #georgebush #conservative #right wing
by Bove August 12, 2006
He doesn't like black people.
"George Bush doesn't care about black people"
#president #kkk #republican #united states #black
by Amolo September 24, 2005
a man who nobody should like but is by far not the worst president ever. I'm a republican, and I do not like George Bush, but I would never call him a KKK member, perhaps corrupt and perhaps a liar, but not in the KKK, not a retard, and he dosn't hate minoritys just because people want to find ways to hate him. I don't hate him, I DISLIKE HIM, and unless you know George Bush, you SHOULDN'T hate him!
Every person in America: George Bush is a republican idiot stupid dumbass asshole redneck moron retard cunt dick twat bitch conservative pussy dumb fag fucktard gay hick who's in the KKK and hates minoritys because of Hurricane Katrina! I know this because I don't know George Bush personally and everyone hates him so I should too!
#liar #republican #conservitive #politics #president
by Spikesy July 08, 2006
Peter Pan's opposite...
George Bush: I give to rich and take from the poor
by some polak November 02, 2004
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