Someone who

1. Turned the largest US surplus into the largest deficit in American history, then gives tax cuts when he should be raising taxes to get more money for the country. (And of course, he only gives tax cuts to all of his rich buddies.)

2. Blamed bin Laden for 9/11 (which is okay), but when he couldn't find him, made Americans forget about him by diverting their attention to Saddam Hussein, who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. Has he found bin Laden? Has he found any WMDs? Didn't think so.

3. Feels the need to stick his nose in Iraq's business and "improve" their government while bombing and completely destroying Iraq-it's obvious it's just an excuse to go to war.

4. Lies about there being NO terrorist attacks since 9/11, when there have been quite a few that he covers up or makes America forget about. (Like that anthrax threat a few years ago for example.)

5. Passes the Patriot Act to keep America safe from terrorists while arresting people who aren't terrorists, never catching the people who are, and violating SIX AMENDMENTS of the Constitution.

6. Passes "Clean Air Act" which actually makes the air dirtier.

7. Makes every country in the world besides Britain and Poland hate us.

8. Quits the Kyoto Protocol because it would make his rich buddies actually spend some money to reduce global warming, and God forbid anyone has to spend money.

9. Throws ultimatums at the American people that only a complete idiot could fall for (and a lot have) like "You're with us or you're with the terrorists" and basically just gets America to be loyal to him out of fear.

10. Only gets into Yale because of his father and passes with a C- average.

11. Has said enough stupid things to fill 265 pages of "Bushisms" books.

12. Gets elected into office after losing by over 10,000 votes. Do you think it's a coincidence that his brother was the governor of the state that the whole election depended on in 2000??
George Bush is a COMPLETE FUCKING ASSHOLE who never should have been elected, is one of the worst people in the country to earn the job of president and definitely is the worst president we have ever had or will ever have.
by anonymous March 13, 2005
George Bush is the Current President of the United States of the America. And many consider him the worst president in history. Most people who say that are liberal numbnuts who are out of the loop and people who just follow what stupid liberals say.

Everybody hates Bush because of the Iraq War. If you don't know the real reason to stay in Iraq, then don't bash the president.

The belief that the economy under the Bush Presidency is falling is not true. The unemployment is down and the economy is up and it is better that what it was during the Clinton Years.

He believes that China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are a threat and must be stopped.
"George Bush must keep the troops in Iraq."
by Atomicwarrior76 December 19, 2006
Most People only hate George Bush because their favorite movie star or band hates him. HATING BUSH IS A TREND, people only do it because they think its Cool to hate Bush.
George Bush is fighting the people who attacked us on 911, remember.
Bob: Hey Green Day hates George Bush!
Bill: Cool, Lets Hate George Bush too.
Bob: I like how Green Day uses this to make money!
Bill: Yea!! Trends Rule.
by Tom D. September 09, 2006
You all need to stop just spouting bullsh*t things about Bush that your redneck mommies and daddies told you, and quit bein such pussies. I mean, you all bitch and whine about Bush, but if John Kerry were in office (which he isn't because he's a dumbsh*t), you people would whine and bitch about what Kerry was doing. I mean, look at the definitions of kerry on this site: they are almost all highly negative things, just like Bush's definitions. So, get your heads out of your pussies and quit bitchin.
You guys don't know what the f**k you're talking about when it comes to George Bush.
by George Woodard August 02, 2006
A Republican genius that Turned this country into something clinton was to busy getting head to do. People that only look at what the headlines and news tell them are the cunt democrats that hate him. If you look at EVERYTHING he's done you'll see what im talking about and though i know this will get thumbs down this is another point of view.
George Bush Is Hated By Uneducated Democrats
by mission911 April 27, 2007
A president that most idealistic, younger, or older and artsy view as moronic. The sad truth is that these people know more about hip hop and punk than the actual issues facing our nation. With unemployment at a near perfect natural rate (4.8% if any of you even taken upper level economics in college let alone attended at all) he has taken a dwindling economy that was on a down turn before 9-11 and further in trouble there after and made it prosperous for those who have potential to achieve. Most people who have posted here feel that they could run this country fine, however the sad truth is that these people have low income jobs, little motivation, and feel that other countries are far superior to the United States, ignoring the superiority of the country in every way. When you see these people who call a man who graduated from Yale, and is the first President to have an MBA (from Harvard no-less, and not some English degree which any idealistic idiot can attain and has no relevance in the real world), ask them who the speaker of the house is, or who the senate minority leader is, odds are they don't know because they are young skulls of mush who jumped on the bash bush bandwagon because they are impressionable and watch MTV and BET more than read and watch news media while making intelligent observations and thus coming to their own realization rather than taking the word of a media that is mostly liberal (former English emo college geeks.)
Anyone who has taken a basic economics class can tell you that George Bush's economic policy has been widely successful. Get off your butts turn off MTV and learn the facts...
by Christopher Tegner August 05, 2006
A monkey-looking guy who was voted for president again. He shouldnt of won.
.."I guess this means four more years in the trash can !"

"Yep ol' buddy, it sure does"
by Soul Calibur Shadow Bat January 27, 2005
See idiot for definition.
Do you ever wonder why nobody smart ever gets past the primaries? We could definitely use someone with a quarter of a brain to replace George Bush.
by With_Gusto December 20, 2005
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