Someone who

1. Turned the largest US surplus into the largest deficit in American history, then gives tax cuts when he should be raising taxes to get more money for the country. (And of course, he only gives tax cuts to all of his rich buddies.)

2. Blamed bin Laden for 9/11 (which is okay), but when he couldn't find him, made Americans forget about him by diverting their attention to Saddam Hussein, who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. Has he found bin Laden? Has he found any WMDs? Didn't think so.

3. Feels the need to stick his nose in Iraq's business and "improve" their government while bombing and completely destroying Iraq-it's obvious it's just an excuse to go to war.

4. Lies about there being NO terrorist attacks since 9/11, when there have been quite a few that he covers up or makes America forget about. (Like that anthrax threat a few years ago for example.)

5. Passes the Patriot Act to keep America safe from terrorists while arresting people who aren't terrorists, never catching the people who are, and violating SIX AMENDMENTS of the Constitution.

6. Passes "Clean Air Act" which actually makes the air dirtier.

7. Makes every country in the world besides Britain and Poland hate us.

8. Quits the Kyoto Protocol because it would make his rich buddies actually spend some money to reduce global warming, and God forbid anyone has to spend money.

9. Throws ultimatums at the American people that only a complete idiot could fall for (and a lot have) like "You're with us or you're with the terrorists" and basically just gets America to be loyal to him out of fear.

10. Only gets into Yale because of his father and passes with a C- average.

11. Has said enough stupid things to fill 265 pages of "Bushisms" books.

12. Gets elected into office after losing by over 10,000 votes. Do you think it's a coincidence that his brother was the governor of the state that the whole election depended on in 2000??
George Bush is a COMPLETE FUCKING ASSHOLE who never should have been elected, is one of the worst people in the country to earn the job of president and definitely is the worst president we have ever had or will ever have.
by anonymous March 13, 2005
The president of the united states dumbass!
Urban Dictionary: Please give an example for George bush.
Me: Leave me alone, I don't know.
by THE PRINCE OF SOMEWHERE! August 09, 2006
The 43rd President of the United States of America, who has been recently re-elected for his second term. George Bush is a conservative Republican, who often uses his Christian religion to make decisions. Often put under fire for this, but the 1st Amendment says 'Freedom of Religion', not 'Freedom from Religion'.
His Vice President is Dick Cheney. Was president from 2000-2004, and is now beginning his second term of 2004-2008.
Liberal 1: Oh no, George Bush just got re-elected!
Liberal 2: Time to go on to take out our frustration.
by Shortyafter November 09, 2004
A Republican President of the United States that really no worse, or no better, than most of the presidents that the American people have elected. Not very articulate but speaks his mind even though it is not popular. He truly belives in his vision of a better America (whether others believe the same way or not.) Opponents do not just disagree with him; they hate him with an unnatual passion that borders on obsessive. Ever hear the comparison of George Bush and Hitler... please. If George Bush were actually like Hitler, the person making the comparison would get a knock on the door in the middle of the night and never be seen again. All these people whose comments proceed mine would be tracked down and shot. Are you worried? Probably not. Disagree with him; fine. There is a lot to disagree about; but the people making these personal attacks about how stupid, ugly, inarticulate, ignorant... really show lack of mental ability to create a substantative argument. Just like the child who is loosing and argument, has nothing really left to save, but in an attempt to win says "You're just an idiot" Just a sad, last ditch attemp to win a loosing argument.
Several United Nations resolutions where being broken by Saddam Hussain, including almost daily firing at US and UK planes in the "no fly zone" of Iraq. All Saddam had to do was make an accounting of the distruction of his WMD program and we would not have invaded. Why did he not give an accounting as to how and when he got rid of them. He would not live up to his obligation to account for how they where distroyed so we assumed he still had them. Large leap? Or logic? Your counter argument...

Bush lied, people died. He's stupid. He's a moron. George Bush is worse that Hitler.

Wow! Real good. Public school, right?
by tryingtobelogical June 03, 2007
(H.W)President of the United States in the years 1988-1992. Moderately sucessful president who continued policies of the Reagan administration. So the ultimate sucess of his predecessors plan to drive the USSR under through massive military spending. Fought a sucessful war to liberate Kumwait from Saddam Hussein, but failed to remove him from power, leaving a disaster in Iraq which his son had to clean up a decade later. Known for saying "Read my lips, no new taxes". Suceeded by Bill Clinton.
(W.)Current president of the United States 2000-2008. Narrowly defeated Al Gore in 2000 election on issues of morals and smaller government,course of presidency deflected by Spetember 11th attacks. Invaded Afghanistan and deposed the Taliban, against protests of Socialist governments in Europe and Liberal pundits at home, Invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussien. Recently won reelection in contest against John Kerry. Plans massive overhaul of government welfare state programs such as Social Security, Medicare and a simplification of the tax code. George W. has been criticized by a wide variety of people, mainly because he says what he means on subjects he considers important and doesnt give a shit if Hollywood, European secularists, Left College Students, or the New York Times disagrees with him or consider him insensitive. Has old-fashioned and conservative values which are especially repugnant to moral relativists and members of alternate lifestyle groups. Has a great deal of satire directed at him along the axes of gross stupidity and ingenious nefarious plans for world domination, sometimes, amazingly, in the same criticism. Despite his utter hatred from a few dedicated circles, the vast majority of Americans respect his honesty and determination to do what he believes is right, and a simple majority of Americans believe he is the right man to lead the country.
"Shave your Bush!"
-Amusing college girls
"George Bush is the next Hitler, and hes a goddamned scumbag just like his fucking father!"
-Angry man at Michael Moore rally who was almost arrested for threatening yours truly
"Man, Bush may not speak too good, but hes a good man, a hell of a better man then all those assholes who are dissing him"
-Old man at the bus stop
by Bran the Man December 20, 2004
stop complaining about george bush and maybe get off your lazy, complaining asses, you dont know how to run america.
if you read into what george bush did you would know he did the right thing. would you rather fight the war on our homefront? blowing up our people. killing innocent americans? yea fuck you, i'd rather have it over there away from us.
by Uncle-Sam May 01, 2006
The man who, on Urban Dictionary, is treated with more hostility than dictator Adolf Hitler. Yet we can plainly see that Hitler committed far worse atrocities by just opening a history book.
Sometimes people (especially left-wingers) confuse me when it comes to George Bush.
by Sir Funkatron July 27, 2007
George Bush is the Current President of the United States of the America. And many consider him the worst president in history. Most people who say that are liberal numbnuts who are out of the loop and people who just follow what stupid liberals say.

Everybody hates Bush because of the Iraq War. If you don't know the real reason to stay in Iraq, then don't bash the president.

The belief that the economy under the Bush Presidency is falling is not true. The unemployment is down and the economy is up and it is better that what it was during the Clinton Years.

He believes that China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are a threat and must be stopped.
"George Bush must keep the troops in Iraq."
by Atomicwarrior76 December 19, 2006

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