Jorge Duba Bush
-Noun 1
-Adjective 1
Synonym 2
Noun; America's asshole.
Adjective; The asshole of America.
Synonym; dumb fuck, Constitutional rapist.
"I wrapped The Constitution around my pecker and fucked it, therefore I am George "W" Bush!" "Thanks to my policies the world hates America!"
As George "W" Bush left the White House, he prayed to the good Lord that the door wouldn't hit his ass on the way out.
#gwb #worst #president #constitution #george w bush #ass #fucker #pecker #dildo #molester #donkey puncher #punch #anal #sex #rapist
by beerpoots January 27, 2009
A man who does what he believes is right. One who sticks with his policies, does not change on a whim, just so he can win a popularity contest (unlike John Kerry). Tells the truth to the American people and is one of the few people in a position to defend this country, which he has done honorably. Went to Yale, and recieved an MBA from Harvard. Has a lovely wife, Laura Bush. Would have been ridiculed if he hadn't gone into Iraq anyway. The first president who has had to, for the first time, deal with an American society clearly showing the signs of decay. For example, the endless anti-Bush, Bush-hater spin that people employ, which has no factual basis and is clearly is rampant disregard for analysis and respect for the office of the presidency. President Bush will be critizied if he destroys Irans nuclear facilities, or will be critizied in the future (after a Nuclear War/WW3) for not hitting the Iran's nuclear facilities. It really doesn't matter what he does, the democrats/liberals will still deface him, for they have nothing better to do. Good luck people.
President George "W" Bush was right in the fact that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, for it is quite obvious that they were shipped to Syria before the U.S. led Coalition invasion.
#intelligent #trustworthy #honest #strong #independent
by M. Pinckney January 22, 2007
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