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George's Hair, adjective, noun.

The expression "George's Hair" was coined as an adjective describing something that does not change physical state, though it can also be used to describe an unchanged emotion or opinion. The phrase can also be used as a noun to characterise someone with an undeterred attitude. "George's Hair" actually does refer to the never-varied style of George's literal hair.
1. (In the physical state) "Has my ice melted?" "No it's George's Hair"
2. (In the emotion/opinion) "Do you STILL think 80's hip-hop is cool?" "I'm George's Hair in the matter"
3. (As a noun) "Go on, have a cigarette Jon" "But I don't want to smoke" "Oh don't be such a George's Hair"
by Al Burt Ross January 20, 2008

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