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pseudo antithese of the obama administration, loyal members of the Fabian Society and proponents of democracy for all.
George W. Bush was unfortunately elected president. Many conservative misfits voted for him
by not georged May 26, 2013
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1. stooopid
2. hez a maron
3. he is teh dumm idiot lol
4. hez a bad preshdent

bush iz a bad prez becaz hes dumm thatz wut michael moore telz me and my librul arz instruktorz at comunity colage say i hop he getz votd out becauz he a fashist and hez hitlar bush isnt smort but nethr am i but michal moore si smort and he sayz bush is evel for fiting terists and cutin taches
i beleev evryting michael moore tels me
by i h8 bush March 09, 2004
230 232
solely responsible for reviving the anarcho punk and hippy communities.

also responsible for proving the fact that the general population of america are idiots.
"we've got bush! we've got bush!"

"he's the idiot son-of-an-asshole"
-fat mike
by thepinktarantula December 02, 2004
110 113
The man and former President of the United States whose election in 2000 saved the country from a terrible evil known as "Al Gore" and again saved the country 4 years later from another evil similar to the first, this time called "John Kerry". Unfortunately people frequently fail to recognize what would've happened under the direction of any of the alternatives.
"I'm so glad George W. Bush was elected and not Al Gore or John Kerry"

"Yeah, for sure, crisis averted!"
by megaman.exe October 22, 2012
1 8
The reincarnation of Jesus Christ, as he should have been, a Texan. He singlehandedly defeated terror and evil, while using the other hand to help Lady Liberty get back up. To call someone a George Bush is of the highest honor, but few deserve it.
"Hey, you know that guy Dave? On the same day he cured AIDS, saved a baby from getting run over, and killed Voldemort."

Yeah...but he's still no George W Bush...not yet.
by Durand87_jets May 30, 2011
3 13
Current President Of The United States Of America, his occupation is living Proof that americans are stupid
if Americans Hate george bush so much, why did they elect him to be president, and why did they re-elect him 4 years later?
by Stevie March 30, 2005
133 145
a dumbass who has no life and spends his time sending innocent people across the sea to fight for oil that he needs for his ford 4x4
well, he's better than clinton...
by sammi December 26, 2003
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