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George Soros & super rich friends orchestrated this whole world "Total Economic Collapse" in order to achieve their one-world-big-gov-order - New World Order.

Greece is the best example now. Citizens will lose real leaders, power, land, freedom, rights, while paying high prices for everything to the world's super rich.

It's all about mo gold for the super rich !
George Soros warns of ‘Riots by Occupiers." According to Soros, this will conveniently leads to ’Brutal Clampdowns' by Big Government (TSA, Homeland, ...) & Possible Total Economic Collapse.

Duh, Glenn Beck said this 3 years ago!!
by iwantamericatoexist January 25, 2012
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George Soros made the mistake of picking Obama to be the President; many people woke-up from a long comfortable sleep in America.
George Soros is also called "the Spooky Dude." The scariest guy in the world.
by Wokeuptoanightmare September 21, 2011
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A liberal billionaire who spent close to $27 million to defeat George W. Bush in the 2004 Presidential election, and instead had to eat his Prada shorts.

One of the hordes of rich liberals that hated Bush, while the Democrats tried to convince the populace that they were the "party of the poor".
Nobody believed them though.
What a waste of money. I can cause a run on the pound and trigger an Asian financial meltdown, but I can't beat George W. Bush with $27 million.
What a loser I must be!
by Concerned November 29, 2004
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