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A quaker boarding school in Newtown, PA. Its rival to Westtown. Although yes a lot a kids smoke weed not all of them get caught, becuase yes some of us are actually smart. We also party and get rather drunk and then get arrested by the cops for drunk driving. Most of the time students just try to not kill themselves from bordom untill thet graduate.
Kid: You go to George School?

Kid #2: Yeah and I cant fucking wait to graduate
by neastley linear I May 22, 2010
A Quaker boarding & day school where the teachers have no idea what’s actually going on with it’s student body. The school wants the world to think it’s perfect and nothing bad ever happens here but the amount of drugs and sex that happens is freaking crazy. It is a preppie, druggie school and everybody but the faculty knows it. I lived in the dorms for four years so I’m a total expert. And we completely suck at all sports.
Druggie #1 - Let's get high and go hang out in the sage room.

Druggie #2 - Haha. Totally. George School is a joke.
by WallyWilsonWallyson May 30, 2010
A Quaker boarding and day school located in Newtown, Pennsylvania. It's rival in athletics is Westtown, another Quaker boarding and day school. Commonly thought of as a druggie school, this is a big misconception.
1: I go to George School
2: Sweet!
by youwillneverfindoutwhoiam May 29, 2010
A Quaker school that is a DRUG UTOPIA. If you want to learn how to get blasted or develop a serious drug/alcohol problem, convince your parents to send you here. The fake exterior will trick your folks into thinking you're getting a solid education but the joke is on them. Courses include "Learning How To Use A Lighter Properly", "How To Use Quaker Process Against The Teachers And Get Away With Everything" or "How To Avoid Being Caught By The Old Security Guard". It's an awesome place.
Joe - Where do you go to school?

Bill - George School.

Joe - Aw yeah!
by MaxMillionDolla June 01, 2010
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