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Serious medical condition/mental disorder found in primarily in women that results from an inability to confront strong emotional and physical attraction to men with hot-ass George Michael stubble. Symptoms include listening to George Michael or Wham records on repeat, cutting out George Michael photos and posting them on your fridge, night-table or desktop. Also includes sudden or spontaneous thoughts about George Michael, existential longing to be with George Michael, erotic dreams about George Michael, moistness and occasional feminine discharge.
(3am)Melissa: “Mom, sorry to call so late but I just had another wet dream about George Michael. I'm scared”
Mom: “|That's strange. Your sudden longing for George Michael concerns me. Is there any one in your life with really hot-ass stubble?”
Melissa “Just john from my design class, why does that matter?.”
Mom: “It sounds like you have a bad case of George Michael Ideation induced by his hot-ass stubble. You'd better start banging him immediately before it gets worse”
Melissa: “Thanks mom, I will!”
by jmanuel June 21, 2010