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The Director of the Star Wars movie. Recently he has been giving out the acting positions to poor actors, who have to work with even worse lines that he created himself. The original ones weren't anything awesome, but the new ones just suck.
Don't let George Lucas write your script or you'll end up with stuff like:
Luke: Your eyes look like biscuits... limp, moist, biscuits.
by Babadadadoom May 21, 2005
40 58
A great visionary storyteller, and the man who created Star Wars. Lately, he's been too influenced by the money and the technology involved in filmmaking, rather than the story of the prequels. That's why the new movies suffer.
I think of him as Darth Lucas.
by bigtones October 07, 2004
377 113
The undisputed God of Flannel
That flannel shirt is so Lucas!
by Raistlin X May 12, 2005
369 129
Someone blind to the irony of their rags-to-riches story
He's more machine now than man, twisted & evil....
by Loser March 11, 2005
274 108
To completely forget how marketing and consumption works.

As in forgetting that what made the original Star Wars great was that is appealed to everyone, of all ages. While the prequels are precision tailored to 12-year old boys with mental handicaps.
Damn it Steve! You completely George Lucas'd the inventory. Now we our revenues will go down the shitter!
by Tanaka December 17, 2004
275 130
A once great writer/director who has since slipped into utter, utter, madness since finishing return of the jedi.
If i had directed the original star wars trilogy, i probably would have lost it too.
by Son of Mogh August 22, 2004
138 54
George Luca$h.
George Luca$h spends his time counting his ca$h.
by Rakeyohn March 30, 2004
139 60
With a mind sullied by wealth, this director/producer wouldn't know a finished product if it creamed on him. Currently focusing most of his time on ruining trilogies, Lucas spends about two hours a day on Skywalker Ranch wearing a storm trooper helmet and beating off in a pile of money-- similar to how Bono beats off infront of the mirror.
George Lucas is a smug fuck. What is his problem?
by HOUSE GUEST July 30, 2008
101 27